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Welcome to Crafts & Camera where mental illness is discussed openly and affordable DIY’s are taught for relief of stress symptoms we experience in our daily lives.  It is important for this page to be read first so that you can understand what my blog is about. I want to make it affordable for everyone to afford art. More so though, my goal is for you to never feel alone. No matter how dark that you feel, know that I am on a journey just as you are in your life.  Personally,  I struggle with Depression, PTSD, and severe Anxiety on a daily basis.  My quality of life is affected greatly by my illness and I’ve found few things that have brought me relief. Writing, watching ASMR videos, my Chihuahua, and creating things are a few of the things that give me peace. In Crafts & Camera I share the dark and light side of myself with you. Hopefully, there are things that you can relate too, laugh about, and make with your hands. Know that I am thinking about you and wishing you healing in every area that you have been injured in life.

Below is my team:

First and foremost my very sweet & loving boyfriend, Jeremy, who made this site possible

Followed by our amazing kids….

Snuggs (Creative Perspective) #Snugg.Life

Daisy (Comic Relief)

Charlie (Energy & Entertainment)

Bella (Expressive Opinion)

Dahlia (Nature Lover)

Domino (Snuggle Support)

Crafts & Camera is dedicated to the memory of Laura Morgan, my one of a kind, heart of gold, and biggest role model. My grandmother, “Gaga,”  passed away August 2017. She believed in EVERYTHING I did and always rallied for me, be it collecting beanie babies, writing pen pals, going to college, selling Scentsy, etc. I will never stop missing her. ♥


This website is also dedicated to my amazingly strong siblings: Will Crosby (Joker), Becky Clark, and Tonya Crosby. 


They all loved life and each other. I miss them dearly.


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