Slow Cooker Spinach Lasagna

Hey Yall! I made an amazing slow cooker spinach lasagna recipe that I hope you will enjoy! The ingredients are affordable and the process is easy. This recipe came from 12 Tomatoes and can be found here.  I cooked my slow cooker vegetarian lasagna on low for 4.5 hours and it turned out perfect.

As you can see from the above picture, I had a buggy full of ingredients earlier today. What was needed to make this spinach lasagna recipe was:

2 packages frozen spinach

2 cups of Italian cheese blend, grated

3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese plus extra for garnish

2 Jars of Alfredo Sauce

1 package of lasagna noodles 

The spinach lasagna recipe is located in the link above. I would highly recommend checking it out as it was so yummy! I also purchased Five Cheese Texas Toast which is super simple. You just spray a cookie sheet with some Pam or put down parchment paper to keep the toast from sticking. You then bake the toast at 425 for 20 minutes.

When your spinach lasagna recipe is done, it should look similar to the above picture. I love the crock pot because you can leave your ingredients in there and come back to a full cooked meal! My boyfriend and I both enjoyed this for dinner and said we would make it again. the next time we may try adding a few more things to it to experiment. Over all though, This was really yummy. I would highly recommend. Also, if you are a Vegetarian, this is a great lunch or dinner option for you! Have a wonderful night.

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My Wisdom Teeth Removal Update

Hey Yall! This post is my wisdom teeth removal update  ♥. I can say that this past week has been anything but fun.  All of the bad side effects I have been having though are medication related. I’m sure not everyone would have such a hard time but I have always had a difficult time stomaching medication (especially strong pills). I was originally on Ibuprofen 800 mg, Percocet, Zofran, and Benadryl.

My first awful side effect was feeling extremely itchy. After going off of one of my initial anti biotics I continued to feel itchy but also nauseous as well. As disgusting as this sounds, I spent a large portion of the day trying to keep food down. After calling the oral surgeons office I was told to go off of the Zofran to see if that helped (which it did not). We called back and they said to go off of the Percocet. Later that night I finally started feeling less nauseous but extremely painful. This led to a follow up appointment this morning to see if I could take anything else with my 800 mg Ibuprofen.

Everything about this morning was OUCH.  I have realized why babies pull at their ears when their teeth are coming it and will have way more sympathy for them after this experience. It felt like pain was radiating from my ears but it was actually where they pulled my teeth at the back of my jaw. Jeremy made me an ice pack and put a wash cloth around it. He truly has been great with helping me. In moments of high stress he can be extremely strong, in a way that always impresses me. You can see his hand behind me as I hold the ice to my mouth in this picture.

After I was seen I was put on Hydro codeine to be rotated with the Ibuprofen every 6 hours. So far, thank goodness, I have been able to keep this medication down. They put be back on Zofran to take 20 minutes before the Hydro codeine to help with nausea. We went to CVS to get my meds and I walked around looking at all the very over priced items. They did have som really cute stuffed animals though that I took pictures of. I am glad I did not have money because I just may have come home with an over sized soft stuffed animal that I have no where to put.


On the way home I picked up some more egg drop soup and some skinny noodles with vegetables from the Chinese restaurant. It took effort to eat half of them and was painful to rinse them out of my gums. I know, GROSS. You have to rinse your gums though or you will get an infection. When I got home I just lay in the arm chair chilling with Daisy while waiting for my meds to kick in. It took several hours for anything to happen.

My friend, Jordan, got to hear my wisdom teeth removal update last night. She highly  recommended a crime series on Netflix so I watched several murder shows before I got any relief. I am unsure why in the world true crime is comforting but I have always found it fascinating. How investigators use evidence to track a criminal and figure out what happened is crazy ! Especially the use of luminol. If there is not blood present to the eye one can spray luminol over an area. If there is blood it will light up. The better technology gets the less likely people are able to get away with anything, as it should be.

I will end with my wisdom teeth removal update with this picture of these cute mini Halloween beanies. I did not buy any of these things because we are trying REALLY hard to not spend any money right now on anything other than food.  We are both job hunting and have a lot of bills. It is very overwhelming. -_-  I know though when something does not work out it is because it was not meant too. Hope everyone is having a good night. Thank you for all the support and love. ♥

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What it Was Like to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed

Hey Yall!

Hey Yall! I wanted to let everyone know what it was like to have my wisdom teeth removed. I wanted to give you a bit of a walk through in case you need to get yours removed as far as what to expect. First and foremost, I feel this surgery went really well. If you are the type of person that often has a hard time with recovery I would mention this to your surgeon. The place I went to said in cases like that they will pre med you the day before your surgery, which I was. I am SURE that this helps with the pain level that I could be experiencing right now.

BEFORE going to your surgical appointment, I would highly recommend doing a few things at home. Any errands that need to be run, make sure they are done the day before surgery at the latest. You will be on meds and it is never a good idea to operate a vehicle when highly medicated. Always as your doctor. Set out your clothes you will be wearing for the surgery, as you will be getting up most likely quite early. Wear something comfortable and warm (not like a coat unless it is truly cold outside but you kwim). I wore a comfortable baggy shirt, yoga pants, and flip flops. Looking back, I would have warn thick pajama pants or work out pants due to getting chilly. Make sure all snacks/food/drinks are stocked in fridge before your surgery. This will cut back on a lot of stress when you are out of surgery just knowing you have things already at home. Everyone’s surgical instructions are different so please do not go off what mine said. But, I was given a sheet that explained how to prepare for my surgery. They wanted you to stop eating 9 hours I believe before the surgery which was easy as I stopped at 10 PMish and my surgery was at 9 AM. Make sure the person taking you to an appointment also reads this copy of after surgery instructions, as they will be the one to remember them the most 😉 .  Buy a pack or two of gauze at your house as you are going to need this for bleeding afterwords. I left the dentist with only the gauze in my mouth and I can assure you, you will probably need more.  Also, you need a syringe you can put salt water solution into. My surgeon did not give me this. Thankfully, when I went to the dentist they did give me one and I had that ready to go in the bathroom for the day after surgery. You will need to gently spray out the sites where your teeth were pulled so that food does not get stuck down in that area.

(me trying to feel my face…. attractive moments right here. The white stuff in my mouth is gauze.)

You can look up many videos on YouTube about what to eat after a wisdom tooth removal. My personal experience is not wanting to eat ANYTHING for hours after my surgery. This is not due to pain but to numbness in my case. Half of my mouth was so numb I could not feel it and my lips had a weird huge sensation even though I could have literally stuck a fork in them and not felt it. It was ODD but I tell you, those drugs were STRONG. I massaged my face (especially lips) with my hands and for some reason this helped over time for the feeling to come back.  Tonight, I did eat a Vanilla Chik Fil A Milk Shake followed by some Mashed potatoes for dinner. If you are nauseous or don’t feel comfortable eating then I would try to just drink some liquid. Your mouth is going to feel as dry as a desert! Don’t push yourself though if you feel that you can’t or that you may choke.

When you arrive for your surgery, make absolute sure that you bring someone with you that can stay the entire time. It is not a long surgery. I think at most it can take 1 hour but when I asked the nurse she said the actual time you are under is 30 minutes (the extra is getting an IV and prepped for surgery).  This person needs to not only stay but be available for the nurses to go over your after surgery needs and know where to go to pick up your medication, as you will be quite out of it after surgery. My boyfriend has been the one to hand meds all night. There is no way I could keep up with what is needed!  When I was called back they went over what I had taken med wise, when the last time I ate was, and made sure I had someone that was staying with me in the lobby.

Love him! I cannot explain all the things that he has been with me through and lobbies he has waited in. He also is the only reason I was able to get this surgery done today. Though I fuss at him, he is a truly amazing boyfriend and provider. I do hope he reads this and knows that I feel that way every day. The nurses also allowed me to ask any questions I had about the surgery before they put the IV in me. ANY questions you have, now is a good time to ask. ALSO BIG TIP is that BEFORE they put the IV in, ask if they can give you a blanket. IV’s make you cold due to the fluid going into your body. If you are not cold then you can always throw it off. I originally forgot to ask for an IV and felt quite shaky for a while when they left the room. Thankfully, they provided me with a very warm fuzzy blanket when they came back into the room.  This is what my IV site looked like after it was taken out:

The IV was what they put in me after I got done asking questions. This was just to give me fluids before the doctor came in and gave me the “good drugs.”  The IV is never a fast thing for me because I have small veins. The nurse had to try twice but I stayed very calm. The last thing you want is for your nurse to get anxiety when she is putting a needle in you! When that was in the two nurses left the room. It took a hot minute for the doctor  to come in but that may have been because I needed to get fluids for a little white. Again, please remember to ask for the BLANKET whether you are cold or not.

Falling asleep was quite fast. I remember the doctor asking his nurses what they were listening to on the radio. They mentioned that they would turn it for him. I suggested country as that is truly the best music ever in my opinion.  He did not look so thrilled ha! Personality wise I did not connect with this doctor based off recommendation, he was great at wisdom teeth removal.  ♥ I think he did a really great job with my mouth and I am pleased with the results. The surgery was fast and I woke up in no pain. I am still not in any pain. I do feel that tomorrow I may be achy but that is to be expected. I had to sit for a minute to wait for my heart rate to go down. Jeremy went to get the car and very quickly I was transferred from sitting and into the car. Gauze was already in my mouth when I woke up which I will prepare you is not the best sensation. Keep it there though until you need to change it out. I feel like I changed mine every 30 minutes at first but that it did slow down. I no longer am bleeding nor do I need any gauze in my mouth. I was legitimately prepared for the absolute worst and so far have been positively surprised!


Though the pictures above are not of my best moments…. I do want to show realistic pictures.  The second picture looks like I am a walrus that just lost a tusk ha! Despite the fact that I was exhausted I really was not in any pain shockingly . I will say that some of the meds I was put on made me quite itchy. Benadryl is a good option (always ask your doctor though) if you feel you are having an allergic reaction. Because I was on so many meds, I was not exactly sure what the itching was from so I did stay on daily Benadryl. Hopefully that will not happen to you but just wanted to throw that out there ♥

I hope that this blog post was helpful and took some fear away from what you previously thought about getting your wisdom teeth removed. Remind yourself that this is a FAST surgery. Your surgeon may give you gas. Not all do the IV but I was thankful mine did. This is a GOOD question to ask your surgeon, especially if you have high anxiety like me and need to understand how things are done. I have heard from people that had gas, gas and IV, and just IV. From everything I gather,  you will not remember a thing about your surgery. Now if you get them out in boot camp OR are thinking about going into the military PLEASE get them out before then. The comfort level you will have is much different in that scenario I can assure you.

Here is a quick funny video of me right after surgery. Hope it makes you laugh. Though I enjoy watching after surgery videos, they are sometimes best to watch AFTER your surgery is done. They could up your anxiety and cause you to think that is going to happen to you. Not everyone has a major reaction to anesthesia which honestly are what the best videos on YouTube are made up of. It can just give you the wrong impression. Some people talk a lot, others sleep a lot, and some people are completely normal. I can definitely tell I was drugged up but I did not say anything majorly crazy ha! Take Care and have a great night!

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The Dog Park with Photographs

 Hey Yall ! I hope everyone had a good day today! It was a beautiful day here in Charleston, SC to go to the dog park. This is one of the first days that I could feel a breeze outside and a hint of fall in the air. My boyfriend and I went to church and then took both of our dogs, Daisy and Charlie, on a day trip to the dog park. They had a hay day running all over the park and going swimming in the water! It still makes me laugh watching Daisy go swimming. How many Chihuahuas do you know that are water dogs!? She has a serious obsession with water (as long as it is not bath water).

I am convinced that Daisy was an otter in a former life, as this is exactly how she looks when she is swimming at the dog park. She always tries to go after the big green tennis ball that we throw out in the water for Charlie but is never able to bring it back, due to its size. She highly enjoys patting the water and trying to bite the splashes that she makes. She is truly a hilarious dog. Meanwhile, Charlie could search and find his ball all day long, 24 hours a day if given the chance. His heaven is made up of tennis balls growing from trees. ♥

Since there was such pretty lighting, I tried to take a few pictures of myself. I was trying to get a good one for my YouTube page. I have decided to use the second picture below in my profile but I do like both of them. I know that I need to get outside more, as I am sure it would help me feel a lot better. I am unsure why getting outside is so hard when you have depression.  There are a lot of things I wish that I was better at doing that feel quite basic. I’m thankful for today though because Jeremy, the pups, and I all enjoyed it.

We did stop by the Goodwill near the dog park. We are doing a lot better with not spending so much money. We went to a thrift store earlier and did not buy anything. I saw a light house light up lamp that I ALMOST got but due to knowing I had others similar, I did pass. I found a small Christmas tin though and I did decide to pick it up! I felt like it should have been cheaper due to being a tin with nothing in it but I ended up paying the $2.99. For those who do not know, I have started to collect tins. I love the colors on them, the detail, and how light weight they are! The ones I find are not really old but they make me feel good so I have decided to get a little collection going. So far I have a ferris wheel, double Decker bus, animal cracker tin can, and the little Christmas house I just found. Below is a picture of it. I must say that I really appreciate that it represents many races and ages  ♥

When I got home I started putting more things out for fall. We got down two storage bins from the outside shed and I went through one of them. It is fun to save things and then reopen them the next season. I had forgotten about the place mats that I stuck in there last year. I also didn’t remember the little owl salt shakers that I discovered in the bin along with some other decor. Here is a picture of our table now that it is all set up! I really do like how everything looks at the moment.

On that note, I am going to let yall go. I hope everyone had a really nice Sunday!!! We are VERY close to 1000 followers! I am so thankful and excited about that. Thank you for subscribing and supporting my blog. It means a great deal to me in a way that I cannot truly explain. Look forward to sharing more stories with yall next time!

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My Page Is Under Construction ♥

Hey Yall!

I am working on putting a new layout on my page. Please be patient with me as we do that. I know things look different on my page. We are working to fix issues and make edits on my blog. Thank you all for following and supporting my blog. This blog is a huge part of my ♥ Will post again soon! Have a wonderful night.

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Charleston, SC in hurricane Irma September 11, 2017

Hey Yall

I hope everyone is doing great after this nasty hurricane that plowed through the islands, Florida, then up through Georgia and South Carolina. I feel that Charleston, SC really got the tail end of the storm and we were quite lucky for that ! We did get a lot of rain, some wind, and most of the lights in my area were out. These pictures were taken by me of my area after the rain had died down.

This above was some of the worst flooding we saw. Mostly, the parking lots were flooded but it looked like the cars we passed were accessible. You would just have to wear some really high boots to do it haha! Some people even chose to park up on the sidewalk which was interesting. I did not discover much structural damage to buildings. This was the worst we passed:

Mostly there were smaller limbs down. This is the biggest branch we saw when we were headed back home:

We FINALLY found a place that was open. Yesterday, the majority of the places in my area had lost power and were closed down. Including gas stations and restaurants. I thought that if Pizza Hut or Dominoes were open they would make bank. Hard to make pizzas though with no electricity! We found this one Japanese restaurant that was open on the way to Harris Teeter. Thank goodness. It took forever to get our food but it was understandable considering they had a TON of orders to fill.

One picture I wanted to share with yall is my pets in bed. Before going out yesterday, between the hours of 1-3 PM we had a lot of tornado warnings that were back to back. We have six animals so we decided to get into the bedroom, as it is closest to a bathroom. My idea was that if a tornado hit we could grab all the pets and get into the bathroom. All that happened though is us lying in bed, reading, and our pets sleeping haha. Here are Snuggs, Daisy, and Charlie in bed :

Ok yall, take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day !

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How to Make a Hurricane Emergency Kit

Hey Yall!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am thinking about Florida right now as Irma speeds towards them as a category 5 hurricane. If you are in the hurricane’s path, please take safety precautions. If you are unable to leave your area, make sure you have items you need for an emergency. Below are just a FEW of the items that people are recommending you have!

  • Water (1 Gallon, per person, per day)
  • Food (Canned or Non Perishable. At least a 3 day supply of food)
  • Full tank of gas (in the event you have a mandatory evacuation)
  • Medication refills/Pet Medications (make sure you and your pets have enough medications that yall are currently taking)
  • Cash on hand in case you need to evacuate and power is down. You will not be able to get it from an ETM machine.
  • First Aide Kit that includes scissors, band aides, neosporin, alcohol, peroxide, gauze, gloves, etc)
  • Flash lights (tested to make sure they work)
  • Batteries (for flashlights, electronic candles, radios, or other electronic devices you may need if the power goes out)
  • Candles (I would recommend the tall or larger candles such as the ones from Michaels or the Dollar Tree to ensure they last longer)
  • Matches  (keep in a waterproof container)
  • Plastic Garbage bags (In case a window breaks and you need to cover it)
  • Tape (to tape the bags up)
  • Gallon size plastic bags (to put your documents in. You can also freeze water in the bags and defrost it if you need additional drinking water)
  • Dog/cat collars, leashes, and tags (in the event your pet gets away from you or escapes during a storm)
  • Dog/cat food (make sure you stock up because retail stores will shut down in an evacuation)
  • Canned Food (soups, fruit, vegetables, pasta)
  • Sand Bags (to put in front of areas you feel could flood)
  • Battery operated radio (in case you lose electricity)
  • Battery operated charging station (for cell phones, batteries, etc)
  • Boots (to protect your feet in case you have to walk outside in flooding)
  • Umbrellas
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Wrench or pliers (to turn off utilities)
  • Can Opener
  • Local maps
  • Moist towelettes (to keep yourself clean)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Feminine Supplies
  • Glasses and contact solution
  • Diapers, wipes, formula, diaper rash cream (if you have a baby)
  • non prescription medications

Please check out Build A Kit for more information and ideas on building a hurricane kit! Click here to access the Build A Kit website.

If a hurricane is coming towards you I would highly recommend to have an evacuation plan and a bag packed. Even if you plan to stay, in the event of an absolute emergency, you will want a plan of action. It does not hurt to make hotel reservations further inland on a credit card. You can always cancel them if the hurricane does not end up hitting your area. It is better to be safe than sorry!

This is what our gas station looked like above today. This was the first of two that I passed on our road that were out of gas. Please do not wait until gas stations are out to get gas. Even if you have to wait in a line it is better too than to not have the ability to leave your city if needed.

Thinking of everyone right now that is in the path or become a victim of Irma. There is a tremendous amount of devastation in the island of St. Martin. I have heard reports that the french quarter is 95 % destroyed. Thank you to the volunteers and civilians that are reaching out to help people there that are in need. ♥ Also, we cannot forget about Texas that was just hit with Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 hurricane that ripped through there not long ago. They have tons of damage, people have lost their lives, houses are being looted, animals have been displaced, etc. My heart goes out to them as well. Everyone needs to be as patient, loving, and kind as possible during this time as so many people are experiencing devastating loss.

Take Care and stay safe out there!

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Preparing for Irma – The Category 5 Hurricane

Hey Yall!

I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Right now, if we could all put in a prayer or thoughts for the island of Barbuda & Antigua that would be really good ♥ These islands are getting hit by a category 5 hurricane named Irma right now. “Irma” sounds like the name of a very unfriendly girl. And that she is, being as powerful as hurricane Katrina was.  The next islands in her path are reported to be Anguilla, Montserrat, St. Kitts, and Nevis. I believe that this hurricane is going to cause some extreme damage and loss to those in her path. Though Charleston, SC is not in Irma’s projected path, people in Charleston, SC are getting prepared. No one has forgotten hurricane Hugo back in 1989. I just learned about Irma today! The updates I am getting on hurricane Irma currently are on The Guardian website located here.

Today, I went to the salon to have my hair done  and while I was having my hair washed I heard a girl discussing a category 5 hurricane that may take Hugo’s path. So much for relaxing! I was immediately like what!?!?! I decided to go ahead and get a few packs of water and some gas, as both of those things become commodities in times of potential evacuation. Costco was slammed with cars waiting in line to get gas and water was no where to be found at Target. It is better to be safe than sorry. With that being said, people are clearly panicking a bit too much. In traffic, I saw more people make stupid decisions today and two cars that almost collided with each other. I laid on my horn and I think it helped them realize what was about to happen. -_-

To prepare for a hurricane, it is really important to have a few essential items in case of emergency or power outages. Everyone is trying to do things affordable these days so when I saw Do It On A Dime’s “How to Make a Dollar Tree 72 Hour Emergency Kit” I new I had to share it with my followers. Even if a hurricane is not headed towards you, this is a good thing to make just in case to store somewhere safe and easily accessible! You can find the video here. A hurricane does not have to hit for there to be an emergency either. Anyone can experience a power outage, flood, or other form of emergency. What is better than getting prepared while saving money ! ♥

Thinking and praying for everyone in this storms path right now. Please stay safe, make sure you know where your candles, matches, water, flashlights, batteries, and non perishable food is. Don’t get on the road if there are bad weather conditions outside and remember to be patient with everyone, as anxiety is high right now.  Have a wonderful night!

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The Eclipse Photographs That Occurred on August 21, 2017

Hey Yall!

You would never know from the picture above (August 21, 2017) that an eclipse had just occurred !! My boyfriend was prepared for this day. He ordered special glasses for us to keep our eyes safe. In the moment, I did not appreciate it as much as I came to during the moment of the eclipse. It happened around 2 PM in the afternoon so it was BRIGHT outside.

As you can see, we had our stylish glasses on. It would not be an eclipse without us having our pets prepared. Below, Snuggs, our cat is modeling a pair of eye protection glasses.

And of course Daisy and I had to take a matching picture….

Want to see the eclipse?! Check out the pictures below that we took. Hope you enjoy! Sorry these pictures are late!

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Grieving and Everything Hurts

Hey Yall ♥

The one thing about grieving is that it can hit you at any time, place, or state of mind. I was laying in bed about to fall asleep and I was overcome with a longing for my grandmother. I miss her in a way I do not even know how to explain. No one prepares you for what it is like to lose your best friend. It is a feeling I would not wish on anyone, not even an enemy. I imagined myself talking to her tonight and her talking back. Telling her I missed her, asking if there was coffee in heaven (which she of course said yes), asking if all her friends were there (which again she said they were), telling her I loved her, etc. I imagined her in a white outfit, looking very healthy, on a beach walking in front of me. When she sees me she runs up to me and takes my hand. She wants to show me everything as she smiles excitedly. But I cannot go with her. At least not yet. In some way, she does seem to understand this. At this point, literally 1/4 of my boyfriends pillow is soaked with my tears. I feel God saying to me that He has her. That his angels are around me right now singing and comforting me. This I do truly believe is happening.

The fact is, there is no easy way to lose someone. I remember one of my co workers telling me after I lost my brother that it is normal to just feel everything. Some moments I may be fine and then others it will just hit me. My grandmother was not even like a best friend, she was a mom. You know when we lack something in our lives and someone fills that void, they are truly irreplaceable. There were all these gaps and cracks in my heart and she did everything in her power to fill them all in. When I felt I was ripping apart she would stitch me back together as fast as she could. And just to make sure I was OK, she would call me several times a day to make sure. When the bottom dropped out, she threw me down that rope and pulled me up.

If I could have saved her, turned back time, or done anything to make it easier I would have. There are five stages to grief:






I know right now I am in the denial phase. Though I am grieving her, it comes in waves. I feel as if I am in shock and that I’m going to wake up, that she is still here. In time, I’m sure the sheer anger of her being taken will come. Most likely, I will completely turn the anger onto myself for not visiting more or being there for her more. I’m not sure what bargaining will feel like in that I know I cannot get her back. I feel like bargaining may come right before a person passes. I would have given my right arm for her to stay here. Literally. Depression I’m sure will come very natural as this tends to be my state of mind these days. And acceptance, in time, will follow all of this. I would not believe it but for the fact I have lost people before and been through a divorce. I’ve complete faith that this is an actual stage that happens when we least expect it. When our tears have run out and we feel as if we ourselves are one foot in the grave.  Relief comes as our memory begins to slip and our sadness starts to lighten ever so much.  It’s so discreet that it is hard to tell it has even happened until one day we look back and realize, it has. And that we have survived the entire process. If you are grieving, understand that you are not alone and that all of this is truly a painful process that we must go through. The preacher at my grandmother’s funeral said “we grieve because we loved so much.” It is true.

It is important to always remember that where there is pain, there is also a pen. You can always write down everything that is in your heart. I choose to share it on my blog and through YouTube publicly because this is what has always felt comforting to me.  I reach out to people because I truly need the support, as I have lacked it so much in my life. It may sound desperate but I have met such kind people through doing this that have sent me an immense amount of comfort. Even those that do not reach out I want you to know that I appreciate your prayers, thoughts, and time to come and hear my story.

If you are going through something painful, I recommend the song “Stronger” by Sarah Evans. It can be found in the link below. Though it is about a breakup, it applies to any type of grief we are going through. Click below to listen:

“Stronger” – By Sarah Evans 

Another good one is by Carrie Underwood called “I Will See You Again.” I will put this one below as well. Just click on the song and you will be directed to it:

“I Will See You Again” – By Carrie Underwood 

This was our last coffee together. Gaga always wanted a straw to go with her coffee ♥ I hope God makes her a lot of it in heaven. Take care of her Lord. She was my angel.

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