Woodland Holiday Decor

Hey Yall! Hope everyone is having a nice day. Today, I am going to show you how to make a Woodland Holiday Decor for your home that is affordable and quite stunning. Woodland creatures are trending this holiday season! You can find owls, squirrels, birds, deer, and many other animals on everything from ornaments to clothing. I hope you enjoy making my woodlantd holiday decor creation.  This is an original idea so I just ask that if you do share this on social media, please link it back to me. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

Woodland Holiday Decor 

Supplies Needed: 


Pine Cones

Glue Sticks

Glue Gun

Sparkly flat Deer (or other Christmas Decor that can fit in shadow box)

Background (I used a gift bag but also scrap book or wrapping paper could be used)

Double sided tape

I originally got my shadow box from a thrift store. It had an old Christmas picture in it and was full of bells. I thought it looked charming but it needed some work. The person that had it before went a little bell crazy haha. I saved all the bells and took the backing off. To make my woodland holiday decor I had to add some extra things to this frame. You of course can find a shadow box at your local Michaels or craft store.

Once my shadowbox was taken apart, I used a gift bag to as my new back ground. I just placed the bag on the top of the frame and used it as a stencil to cut a square out of a bag that would fit in the shadow box.  The next step is to use a piece of double sided tape for each gift bag corner to stick the background to the backing of the shadowbox. If you do not have double sided tape, I am sure a drop of hot glue on each corner would work too. I then hot glued my deer to the back ground. I had to cut his legs down a little bit so that he would fit in the frame. Before putting the frame backing back in the shadow  box, I added some mini pine cones.  I purchased mine at Big Lots but you can also pick some up at the Dollar Tree.

After closing the backing  up, your Woodland Holiday Decor should be complete and ready to be displayed. For a more in depth look at my Woodland Holiday Decor please check out my YouTube channel, Jenny Laura, below. I hope you enjoyed this craft and thank you for visiting!


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Shabby Chic Wall Art For Your Office For Under $10

Hey Yall!

Hope everyone is doing good! I tried something new with wall stickers and wanted to show you what I came up with. I love the Dollar Tree wall stickers!! And they stick really well to surfaces which is awesome. I have used them as stickers to adorn my friend mail, as decor for my planner, and now as unique wall art! I have not seen this done before so I would like to believe I came up with the idea myself haha. First … let me show you the planner that I put my doggie wall art sticker on…

I mean can you believe the cuteness of that!? AH!!! I was so pleased with how it looked. I loved this little dog so much that I wanted to find another way to use him as decor. I had gotten an old frame from the thrift store for around $5. It had a canvas in it but we removed the canvas and will be donating it back. I just needed the frame. Below is what it  looked like to begin with:

I put the frame in a big box to prevent the spray paint for getting everywhere. I rarely if ever spray paint something. I will warn you that the smell is VERY strong and that you may want to consider getting a little mask to shield your mouth and nose. After putting a few coats of spray paint on, this is what the frame looked like:

The spray paint I used is located in the top picture. I only ended up purchasing the metallic silver spray paint which was around $2.50. I really love the way it turned out below. I am not done yet, as this is a work in progress. I want to add a few more wall stickers and possibly textures to it but let me know what you think!!! If you came here from my YouTube channel, Jenny Laura, a huge shout out to you! I’m so happy you are here.


Have a wonderful night and I will talk to you soon! 

Have a wonderful night and I will talk to you soon!

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How to Make Unicorn Slime


Hey Yall!

I made a really fun craft tonight that I am looking forward to sharing with you! First and foremost I want to thank Gillian Bower for her great DIY on making unicorn slime. You can click here to watch the step by step video of how she did it! Her videos are colorful and enjoyable to watch.  I purchased the glue and Borax from Target .The Borax was found in the washing detergent aisle. The supplies I used and how I did it are below.


1 bottle of glue (can be sparkly or colored)


a little less than 1 tsp of Borax



2 bowls

How I made the slime:

I used two bowls. In one bowl I put the 1/2 cup glitter glue and mixed with whisk the 1/2 cup water

In the second bowl I mixed a little less than 1 tsp of Borax with 1 cup of water. Keep mixing until the Borax is dissolved.

Once the Borax is dissolved, SLOWLY pour a little of the Borax water into the glue mixture  bowl. Continue to mix glue mixture with spoon. You will not need all of the Borax water mixture. I just slowly mixed in the water until the consistency was thick enough for me to pick up the slime. It still felt too wet and sticky though so I added more. When it was perfect it was not sticky, wet, and the glitter was not coming off on my hands. I would recommend watching Gillian’s video above to watch what the texture should look like.

This was the slime when it was very stretchy and perfect! Once I was done playing with it (and that is the best part!) I stored it in two little glass jars that I had. One of the jars is an old candle jar that I recycled <3

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How to Make a Nautical Button Frame *original idea*

Hey Yall

I hope your day went a little better than mine. Today is Father’s Day and that day always feels hard for me. With that being said, I decided to take my sadness out on making a craft. Crafts are great for coping. Whenever I keep my hands busy I experience relief. Below is what I made. I would like to note that in the photo below my grandfather is carrying me on his shoulders. He has carried me through every hardship and life and even in his 80’s continues to help, love, and support me. Today, I celebrate him. :

What you need to make a button frame:

1 Frame (can purchase from thrift store of dollar tree)

hot glue gun with glue sticks


Any other tiny embellishments you would like to glue on (shells, jewels, broken colored pencils, etc)

How to make: 

Using a glue gun, carefully glue the buttons  to the frame. You can do any color and any order you want too. I chose to also glue on some little star fish beads that I had gotten from Michaels a while back. I used blue and white colored buttons on my frame to give it a nautical feel. Please just be careful with the glue gun, as buttons are very small and if you do not pay attention the glue can can easily get on you. I would say this is a teen-adult craft as a child could easily touch the glue gun or get glue from the gun on them. 

You are welcome to share this craft but please link it back to me! I was inspired by a button craft I saw but I came up with the idea to make mine nautical. 🙂 You could also make yours a Fourth of July frame or any other holiday!

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Hope everyone has a good night!

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Kids Jellyfish Ribbon Craft

Hey Yall!

It has been a dreary rainy day here in Charleston, SC. I snapped this shot of one of our roses before I headed off to work. I never want to go into work when it rains. 90 percent of the time I end up getting soaked before I get back home. I took a shower very shortly after coming back!

I’ve been wanting to do a kids craft and saw this adorable jellyfish craft on Pinterst. Arty Crafty Kids is the website that I was inspired by. I did not go exactly by their instructions but mine is similar. Below is how mine turned out:

The supplies I used were:

Ribbon (for the tentacles)

1 Paper Plate


Paint brushes or foam brushes

Foam Sheets (for the eyes)



Twine (to hang your art up)

(I did not use glitter but it can definitely be added to paint to add shimmer!)

What I did:

I took a paper plate and cut it in half.

I painted two different colors over the paper plate. You can add as many or few colors as you want

Let Dry

While drying, cut out two large circles from your roam paper or construction paper.

Cut out pupils for the circles. I decided to use hears.

I also cut out a little foam bow and glued a tiny piece of ribbon around the middle.

When plate is dry, glue your eyes on. I added bow to corner of head.

Once dry, turn plate over and glue on your ribbon. You can use any pattern or width you like. I only had strawberry ribbon so I used both sides. The strawberry side and also the back of the ribbon which was white. Always look on the back of your material. I had heart foam paper but I used the back which was completely pink for the eyes. 🙂

I let dry over night and was very happy with the results!! I never thought I would make a feminine jelly fish hahaha but I am in love with her! This was an easy, kid friendly craft. I would monitor kids with scissors but a large majority of this craft is using paint and glue.

I hope you enjoyed this summer craft! Most (if not all) of the supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. I like to keep my crafts easy and affordable. Have a good night.

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Love you guys!

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Coloring Book Glass Plate Decor DIY – Original Idea

Hey Yall!

Hope you are feeling better than me today. I am so sick ugh. You know that feeling when you wake up and feel like you have gotten hit by a truck? Yep. I look like shit this AM and feel worse ha ! I did get to make a craft yesterday though. I recently learned how to make decorative plates using scrap book paper/prints. I came up with the idea to make a Coloring Book Glass Plate. I thought it would be a cute way for parents to showcase their kids art. Below is what you need! MOST of the items you need can be found at the Dollar Tree or Thrift Store.

What you need: 

Coloring page

Colored pencils/crayons


Clear glass plate

Mod Podge

Sheet of Scrap book paper

Paint brush / sponge brush

How to make: 

Take your coloring book page and use your scissors to cut out the image you want to put in the center of your plate.

Use your paint brush/sponge brush to put Mod Podge on front of your colored image.

Lay against bottom of plate and smooth out coloring page with hand.

Paint a layer of mod podge over the back of your coloring page image.

Using scissors, cut out some smaller squares out of your scrapbook paper.

Using your Mod Podge and paint brush, paint on Mod Podge to the front of scrap book paper square you are about to use and lay it on back of plate for the background. Continue to do this until your background is filled in.

Paint a final layer of Mod Podge on the back of the scrapbook paper once everything is glued down.

Let Dry

Place plate on a stand and display!

I hope everyone enjoyed this craft. Have a great day!

Ps. You are welcome to share this craft! Please link your post back to this page, as this is one of my original ideas. Thank you!

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Shabby Chic Spring Jewelry Organizer


While trying to gather the strength to get ready for work I decided to make a quick craft. Ever get a lot of items for different projects and then get overwhelmed by the amount of things you have? I feel like that is whats been happening lately. I’m happy that I decided to make this Shabby Chic Candle Stick Jewelry Organizer though because it was so easy. I have made a similar one before with large clear plates. I decided I wanted something a little smaller for my vanity. I discovered the plates at the thrift store but you can use any plates, glass or plastic, for this craft. I recommend a smaller plate at the top and a bigger plate at the bottom just for visual reasons.

Here is how to make it…

What you need:

2 plates

1 candle stick

E6000 glue

That is it! Glue your candlestick to the center of the bottom plate. Then put glue around the top of candlestick and glue the top plate on. I put a book on top of mine and let it dry for 24 hours before using, just to make sure the glue cures.

Have a good day!! TGIF!!!!!

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DIY Makeup / Nail Polish/ Trinket Organizer

Hey Yall

Today I went to church and got a new devotional. I need to include a picture but the devotional is a pastel blue color with a tree on it. It’s very pretty and includes a devotional for each day of the year. I think it i important to not just focus on religion on Sunday. For those wondering, I am a non denominational Christian. I was raised a Christian but a Baptist one. I honestly did not use to enjoy church until I found Seacoast Church. It’s a non denominational church that is not judgmental. I’ve always felt welcome there and have been able to relate to many of the sermons. My church has been a very big deal in my life for which I am so thankful for. When I go, I get reminded why I need to hang on and lean on God when I am weak.

I did do another craft that I wanted to share with yall! I have seen this one on Youtube so it is not an original craft that I came up with. However, I enjoyed doing it! You CAN spray paint your plates or candlesticks. I had considered doing that but thought that the paint may chip off when I out things like hair clips on the plate so I decided against it.

What you need: 

-Two Plates (one large and one small)

– One Candle Stick (two are pictured but you just need one)


What to do: 

Place your large plate down first. Put glue around the edge of the base of your candle stick. Center on the plate and press candlestick down. Find a book to balance on top of candle stick to make sure it is pressed down on plate. E6000 takes 24 hours to cure. I let the plate dry overnight. When dry, put glue around the top rim of the candlestick. Press small plate down on top of candle stick. Once again, get a book to balance on top of small plate. Voila!

Enjoy! I chose to put hair clips and bands on mine!

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How to Make a Bird Feeder

Hey Yall

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday! We had a crazy storm tonight. There was lightning and large hail which is very unusual for Charleston, SC. I’m so thankful that I made it home before it started hailing bad. My boyfriend of course ate a piece of hale and then had me try one too. I can check that off my bucket list ha! Tasted just like an ice cube!

Today I made a DIY Bird Feeder that was inspired my Alicia Nicole’s from her YouTube channel.

What you need:

1 plate

one pot

spray paint


Mason Jar or Coffee Cup

How to Make: 

Spray paint your plant and pot. I chose to just use a white spray paint. After drying, put E6000 glue around the rim of the pot. Set the plate on top of the rim and use a book to help press it down on the pot.

I let this dry over night just to be sure the glue had sealed. The following day, I put E6000 glue on the bottom of the mason jar and pressed down on the plate. After this dried, I added birdseed to my feeder and put in the yard. I really love the way it turned out!!

I hope you enjoy! You can get these materials at a thrift store of Dollar Tree. The E6000 works REALLY well. I would recommend over using a  hot glue gun because E6000 is stronger.  You can find out more about the glue by clicking on the image below.

Have a good night!

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DIY Glass Flower

Morning Everyone!

I came up with this idea while looking through the thrift store yesterday. Not long ago I made glass mushrooms. I had gotten the idea off of the Facebook group Dollar Tree DIY Projects . I found another glass candle stick and a small pink bowl that looked like the top of a flower. I realized that if I glued them together it really would look like a flower. I purchased both and made my first “Glass Flower.”  You could even put your glass flower inside of a glass dome and give it a Beauty and the Beast type feel! This idea is an original one so if you try it, please link it back to my site. Thank you!!


Supplies Needed: 

1 Glass Candlestick (can be found at Dollar Tree or Thrift Store)

E6000 (Cheaper at Walmart)

Small decorative glass bowl

How to Make:

This really could not be more simple. First turn your bowl upside down so that the flat bottom of bowl is facing up. Then, gently squeeze E6000 around the RIM of the candle stick. Turn candlestick upside down so that the top of candle stick is now centered on bottom of bowl.  Please look at picture below:

I let dry with a book on top of bottom of candle stick over night to make sure that the glue sealed. That is all there is too it! It is going to be really cute with my glass mushrooms I made! I will insert the  link of the glass mushrooms here.

Have a good day ! Below is a picture of my glass flower outside with the glass mushrooms!

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