Holiday Owl Home Decor

Hey Yall! I have a very affordable and cute holiday owl home decor diy for you. I came up with this idea when I went to the Dollar Tree and saw an incense burner that looked similar to a little bird house.  Sometimes I will find an item that inspires me to make something completely different than what its purpose was intended for. I absolutely love how this turned out and hope you do too.  With Christmas right around the corner, many people are decorating to get ready. I love being able to bring yall decor that is of great quality and attractive.

What I made to make this holiday owl home decor is listed below. The majority of items (other than the glue gun) can be found at the Dollar Tree.  If you do not have one in your area, I am sure that you can find similar items at a thrift store and/or a store like Walmart.


1 glass candle stick

glue sticks

glue gun

E6000 Glue / Super Glue

owl ornament

apple Christmas ornament (can use anything as decor for the owl house)

Scented wax burner from the Dollar Tree

Sparkly bow sticker from the Dollar Tree

(Pictured above are also a few extra items that I did not end up adding to my owl house. You can get creative with this and do many different things with it!)

How to make this holiday owl home decor: 

The first thing I would recommend doing is putting a layer of E6000 / Super glue around the edge of your candle stick. Then place the wax burner on top of your candle stick to dry. I would let mine dry over night before decorating the burner (a.k.a bird house). This is a very simple craft that requires a little imagination. The next step I did was to hot glue my apple Christmas ornament to the top of the bird house. The sparkly gold leaves I glued to the edges of the house. Inside the wax warmer, I placed my little owl inside. He fit perfectly ! Voila, you have an adorable holiday home owl decor.

Please check out my YouTube video below on my Holiday Owl Home Decor DIY. I hope you enjoy and are having a wonderful day.


Blue Bird Holiday Home Decor

Hey Yall! I hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving! I made a fun and affordable Blue Bird Holiday Home Decor that I am hoping you will enjoy. It was SO easy and looks adorable. All the supplies (other than the glue gun) can be found at the Dollar Tree.  If you are a lover of woodland creatures and lanterns, this craft is for you.

The supplies you will need to make this Blue Bird Holiday Home Decor are listed below:

1 Blue Bird Ornament 

1 mini battery operated lantern 

Holiday Floral 

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks 


 The first step I did was cut the berries off of the holiday floral with my scissors. I then hot glued them to the top of my lantern. Before hot gluing  the blue bird to the lantern, I gently pulled out the metal clasp from the blue bird. It was my goal to make sure my Blue Bird Holiday Home Decor looked as realistic as possible.

I recommend positioning the bird on your lantern first to make sure you know what direction you want your blue bird to sit in. Once you have done this, add a strip of glue under the bird and hold on top of your lantern and holiday floral for 10-15 seconds until the bird is secure. I glued my Poinsettia on last to the top of the lantern. Once all the pieces were on, I turned on the lantern by flipping the switch under the bird. If you would like to watch my Blue Bird Holiday Home Decor YouTube video, I will link it below for you 🙂 If you enjoy my video please remember to give it a thumbs up. Have a great day!

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How to Decorate a Travel Mug

Hey Yall!

Today I have a very simple DIY for yall that is extremely affordable. EVERYTHING comes from the Dollar Tree! Here is what you are making:

Here is what you need: 

1 Travel Mug (From the Dollar Tree. This Travel Mug comes apart so that you can put a coloring sheet or picture down in it to decorate it)

2 napkins (5×5 napkins work the best! You can use any print you want too!)

Scissors (ONLY if you use larger napkins or want to cut the napkins down for a perfect fit)

How To Do It: 

You unscrew the mug where the coloring sheet is and take that out. Place two napkins on opposite sides into the mug. Screw the top back on and you should see the napkins clearly through the plastic. This craft took me under 30 seconds to make and is hands down one of the cheapest crafts I have ever made! I would recommend hand washing this, as I do not think it would be dishwasher safe. Also, one of my subscribers on YouTube suggested that you use a ziploc bag to make the napkin “water proof.” Just a small tip 😉

If you would like to see the travel mug craft more clearly I would highly recommend you checking out my You Tube video that is linked below! You will also get a chance to see what it looks like on the inside of the mug when I unscrew it and how the napkins are placed inside. Hope you have a wonderful night. Thank you for following and supporting my channel. ♥

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How to Make Wall Art Using a Calendar

Hey Yall!

I hope everyone is doing well today. Here,  in Charleston there is the beginning signs of cooler weather.  It is so shocking to feel anything but deadly heat that it almost stops you in your tracks~ ! No complaints though! I am looking forward to fall, pumpkin spice lattes, and winter clothes. ♥ What is your favorite season?

Today, we are going to be making a calendar wall art DIY. You can use ANY calendar you want to for this craft. I would highly recommend an 8×10 frame though because calendar pictures are generally pretty large. I did use a 5×7 frame but it took me a minute to find a picture that could be cropped down small enough (without destroying the design) using scissors to fit into the frame. The picture I chose is the photograph above. I loved the flowers and the quote, as it sounds incredibly inspirational with a shabby chic look.

What you need: 

1 calendar picture (purchased mine from the Dollar Tree)

8×10 Frame


Stickers (optional)

How to make it : 

This craft is SO simple. Use the paper picture that comes in your frame as a guide for how big you need to cut your calendar picture to be. Cut around the picture and then make sure it fits into your frame. If you would like, add stickers to the picture before putting the backing on the frame. I chose to use more 3D type stickers from the Dollar Tree that gave the print some dimension. Here is my final product:

I hope you enjoyed ! If you would like to watch the Youtube video of me discussing this craft I will post it below for you also. Have a wonderful day and remember to follow me on my other social medias if you have not already. See you soon! ♥

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Breast Cancer Awareness Dollar Tree DIY

Hey Yall!

I know we are not in October yet but it is never too early to start spreading awareness about breast cancer!  It is very important to have a mammogram done and also breast checks when you go to the Gynecologist. I know that no one looks forward to doing either of these things but believe it or not, it could save your life! Below is a DIY I did that is in honor of all those who have suffered and survived for cancer. It is also for those that have given it the hard fight and passed away, as my sister did from breast cancer. If you or someone you know is fighting breast cancer know that my ♥ is with you.

EVERYTHING you need for this DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Floral Arrangement can be purchased from the Dollar Tree. This craft can be made in under 5 minutes and would make very pretty home decor, center pieces, or a gift for someone that can relate to this holiday.

Here is what you need: 

Scissors (or wire cutters)

1 pack of pink dragon flies or butterflies (located in floral section of my Dollar Tree)

1 white flower arrangement (I used Poinsettias)

1 pink flower arrangement (I used hydrangeas)

1 pink glass votive

How I made it: 

What I did was I cut the stems of the flowers down and arranged them in the jar. Some stems were shorter than other ones just depending on what height I thought looked good. Wire cutters would work much better than scissors to cut these flowers down. Once the flowers were in the jar, I took my little pink dragonflies and used the metal piece that comes out of them to wrap around the votive jar handle. This was very easy and no glue was needed.

That is it!! It really is THAT easy ♥ and affordable!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Feel free to let me know what you are going to be  making or anything else you would like to share. Have a wonderful night!

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DIY Dollar Tree Wall Art

Hey Yall!

I want to show you how to make this really cute piece of wall art by using only Dollar Tree products. This is truly a $2 craft~! If you are making a gallery wall I would highly recommend trying this very affordable craft ♥ I got this idea from Emily Carmona’s channel. I encourage you to check out her video here on Dollar Tree DIY Wall Decor.

All you need is a picture frame from the Dollar Tree and Wall Art Sticker. I find mine in the candle section of the Dollar Tree. There are around 10-15 different ones to choose from. There are all different designs you could use. I decided to use the one below.

All you do is take the paper picture that comes in the frame and flip it over so that you can work with the white side. Make sure you know where you want everything to be lined up on the paper. Then, peal the sticker back and place it on the paper where you would like it.

Then flip the white side of the paper back around so that it is facing the glass. Put the backing back on the frame and voila! You have yourself a very nice piece to decorate your wall with. It truly is that easy. I made this in under 5 minutes.

Hope you enjoy this DIY ! Have a wonderful night and I will see you soon. Take Care! And like this picture says, “believe there is good in the world.”

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Easy Dollar Tree Candle DIY

Hey Yall

I wanted to show you how EASY it is to make this $4 TOTAL candle craft! Everything is from the Dollar Tree that you need. Below are the fame shimmer metallic tattoos that can be found at the Dollar Tree.

You will also need a glass candle holder, scissors, and a little electric (or real) candle. The candle I am using is a small electric one from the Dollar Tree  (two come in a pack).

Cut your images out that you want to put on the glass from the tattoos. BEFORE removing the plastic from the top of the tattoo sheet, make sure you know where you want to place the tattoo onto the glass, as it is very sticky once placed onto glass. Use a small damp sponge (one comes in the pack above) or washcloth to apply the tattoo onto the glass. Voila ! You are done! Be patient, take your time, and enjoy!

This idea came from Bargain Bethany’s channel. Please click here to see here to see her channel.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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How to Make a Paper Clip Book Mark

Hey yall!

I did a DIY with some paper clips that I wanted to share with you! This is such an EASY craft ! ♥  All you need is an image (puffy sticker/ plastic image/ laminated picture), glue gun, glue sticks, and some paper clips! This is a very cheap craft that you can find the supplies for (other than the glue gun) at the Dollar Tree. If you get a glue gun from Michaels, use a 40% off coupon. There is usually one on their website or in the Sunday paper.

All you do is lay your image down, back facing up on the counter. Lay the paper clip over the image. Then put a dab of hot glue over the paper clip. Please see the picture below…

You may need to hold the paper clip in place for a moment until the glue sets. After the glue is dried you are all set to start using your book mark! These are great for friend mail and pocket letters!

I hope you enjoy making this craft. On a different note, I went to Barnes and Noble today feeling quite stressed. I got an iced coffee and shopped around some. Of course I came across a 50% off bin and a book sale bin. I started loading up on things. My shopping is like having a panic attack. I do not thing, I just gather. Knowing I was doing that, I decided to get a refill on my iced coffee and sit down. After going through the things I had collected I ended up only getting a Pop that was Duke from Secret Life of Pets. He reminded me of a very sweet dog I used to pet sit named Chocolate. He was under $5 which I was happy about. Other than the coffee, that is all I left Barnes and Noble spending.

Hope everyone has a good night. Thank you for following and supporting my blog.

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Aqua Stone Candle Holder – Dollar Tree Craft

Hey Yall!

Tonight I finished my aqua stone candle holder. It is very easy to make if you use hot glue. Hot glue dries really fast as opposed to super glue and works great for this project. All you need is a glass candle holder. I got mine from the dollar tree.

Then you will get some colored stones. They are at the dollar tree in the artificial flower section by the frames. You can choose a different color but I thought that the aqua blue stones looked really nautical. Use your glue gun to glue the stones to the glass.

As you are doing it, your candle holder should look similar to this:

All of the stones are different sizes. Some larger than others. I kept gluing them in straight lines and as close as I could get them to each other. If you have a gap though just fill it in with stones. Even if you have to glue on to of stones to fill a gap that is ok! This is what mine turned out to look like…

The stones, candle, and glass candle holder only cost THREE DOLLARS!! The only other think you will need is a glue gun and glue sticks. You can get glue sticks at the Dollar Tree and can purchase a glue gun for around $5 at Michaels. Less if you use their coupon that is always on their website!

Hope you enjoyed this! I also decided to bedazzle my glue gun jar. I was using an old salsa jar I had for my glue sticks. This is what the jar looked like before and after:

Have a good night!

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How to Organize & Budget with $1 Notebook

Hey Yall

I’ve been having some major financial trouble. I’m struggling to keep track of what I am spending and am finding that my basic needs are not all getting met. Normally, I am negative in my account before my next check. And you know what? That is just not OK. I am tired of living like this. I tend to ignore things in hopes that they will go away. YEAH RIGHT. I swear Wells Fargo realizes I am spending a lot on medical expenses on my credit card. They just upped my credit card limit from $1000 to $1600! It used to be $300!  I’ve had to use my credit card to buy some of my medications. I just did not have a choice. However, I want to change that.

I got the little book above from the Dollar Tree. You can find little notebooks almost anywhere. Just make sure it is small enough to carry in your bag and  always keep a pen with it. Today I just took the time to LOOK UP my bills. I know a roundabout of what I pay however I did not have the exact due dates down. I don’t even pay attention to those automatic withdrawals . That is a huge mistake. But one that is even bigger is how much I spend on fast food…..

The left side of that paper is just FAST FOOD for MAY. Zaxby’s and Subway purchases as far as the eye can see. Eating at fast food is paying for convenience. It has to end. I have to start going to the store more, making simple recipes, and taking them to work with me. At this rate, I am literally eating my money!!

On the left side of the page is my Dollar Tree and Thrift store purchases which are also too high. $20 here and $20 there really adds up.  Then I recorded the loans I have….

Did I mention that I have not been in school for quite a while with that loan money!? Discussing loans needs to be its own separate blog post. I owe thousands of dollars though. Thankfully I owe under $10,000 but I know many are not so lucky. I usually pay my loan payment when I get a notice that my payment is overdue. Right now, My payment is around $95 per month. HIGH. I need to take care of those loans one at a time. I broke them up so that I could see all free. I have two subsidized loans and one un subsidized loan. The interest ranges from 3-6% depending in the loan. It feels defeating and makes me want to cry looking at those numbers. But at least now I know the ugly truth of the situation.

I spend too fucking much.

I don’t go out and buy nice shoes, expensive makeup, or designer handbags. I buy a little here and a little there from thrift and craft type stores. When I am having a hard time I have been known to hit up the Target dollar spot or the Dollar Tree. I have honestly got a lot better about Starbucks though. You are literally drinking away your check if you go there often. I know because I used too. And again, I eat out way too much. My goal is to get my boyfriend and I to sit down and look over Pinterest for what we want 2 meals during the week to be. If I have an ingredient list I can buy the items and he can cook the meal. I still want to learn to cook but it feels challenging as I have no patience.

My next goal is to figure out whether or not a budget is even possible off of my salary. I am unsure since I feel that I make so low. But then again, I would have more if I did not spend like I am now. I am going to be taking that little book around with me and figuring out what I spend on gas, groceries, clothing, and purchases in general. This will help me see where I need to cut back.

If you are having trouble financially I do think Dave Ramsey has some really great tips. He has Financial Peace CDs, books, etc. You can find it all on Amazon! Click on the book below for more information.

Have a good night and know that you are not alone if you are really going through it right now!

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