How to Make a Paper Clip Book Mark

Hey yall!

I did a DIY with some paper clips that I wanted to share with you! This is such an EASY craft ! ♥  All you need is an image (puffy sticker/ plastic image/ laminated picture), glue gun, glue sticks, and some paper clips! This is a very cheap craft that you can find the supplies for (other than the glue gun) at the Dollar Tree. If you get a glue gun from Michaels, use a 40% off coupon. There is usually one on their website or in the Sunday paper.

All you do is lay your image down, back facing up on the counter. Lay the paper clip over the image. Then put a dab of hot glue over the paper clip. Please see the picture below…

You may need to hold the paper clip in place for a moment until the glue sets. After the glue is dried you are all set to start using your book mark! These are great for friend mail and pocket letters!

I hope you enjoy making this craft. On a different note, I went to Barnes and Noble today feeling quite stressed. I got an iced coffee and shopped around some. Of course I came across a 50% off bin and a book sale bin. I started loading up on things. My shopping is like having a panic attack. I do not thing, I just gather. Knowing I was doing that, I decided to get a refill on my iced coffee and sit down. After going through the things I had collected I ended up only getting a Pop that was Duke from Secret Life of Pets. He reminded me of a very sweet dog I used to pet sit named Chocolate. He was under $5 which I was happy about. Other than the coffee, that is all I left Barnes and Noble spending.

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How to Make Unicorn Slime


Hey Yall!

I made a really fun craft tonight that I am looking forward to sharing with you! First and foremost I want to thank Gillian Bower for her great DIY on making unicorn slime. You can click here to watch the step by step video of how she did it! Her videos are colorful and enjoyable to watch.  I purchased the glue and Borax from Target .The Borax was found in the washing detergent aisle. The supplies I used and how I did it are below.


1 bottle of glue (can be sparkly or colored)


a little less than 1 tsp of Borax



2 bowls

How I made the slime:

I used two bowls. In one bowl I put the 1/2 cup glitter glue and mixed with whisk the 1/2 cup water

In the second bowl I mixed a little less than 1 tsp of Borax with 1 cup of water. Keep mixing until the Borax is dissolved.

Once the Borax is dissolved, SLOWLY pour a little of the Borax water into the glue mixture  bowl. Continue to mix glue mixture with spoon. You will not need all of the Borax water mixture. I just slowly mixed in the water until the consistency was thick enough for me to pick up the slime. It still felt too wet and sticky though so I added more. When it was perfect it was not sticky, wet, and the glitter was not coming off on my hands. I would recommend watching Gillian’s video above to watch what the texture should look like.

This was the slime when it was very stretchy and perfect! Once I was done playing with it (and that is the best part!) I stored it in two little glass jars that I had. One of the jars is an old candle jar that I recycled <3

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How to Make a Nautical Button Frame *original idea*

Hey Yall

I hope your day went a little better than mine. Today is Father’s Day and that day always feels hard for me. With that being said, I decided to take my sadness out on making a craft. Crafts are great for coping. Whenever I keep my hands busy I experience relief. Below is what I made. I would like to note that in the photo below my grandfather is carrying me on his shoulders. He has carried me through every hardship and life and even in his 80’s continues to help, love, and support me. Today, I celebrate him. :

What you need to make a button frame:

1 Frame (can purchase from thrift store of dollar tree)

hot glue gun with glue sticks


Any other tiny embellishments you would like to glue on (shells, jewels, broken colored pencils, etc)

How to make: 

Using a glue gun, carefully glue the buttons  to the frame. You can do any color and any order you want too. I chose to also glue on some little star fish beads that I had gotten from Michaels a while back. I used blue and white colored buttons on my frame to give it a nautical feel. Please just be careful with the glue gun, as buttons are very small and if you do not pay attention the glue can can easily get on you. I would say this is a teen-adult craft as a child could easily touch the glue gun or get glue from the gun on them. 

You are welcome to share this craft but please link it back to me! I was inspired by a button craft I saw but I came up with the idea to make mine nautical. 🙂 You could also make yours a Fourth of July frame or any other holiday!

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Hope everyone has a good night!

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Aqua Stone Candle Holder – Dollar Tree Craft

Hey Yall!

Tonight I finished my aqua stone candle holder. It is very easy to make if you use hot glue. Hot glue dries really fast as opposed to super glue and works great for this project. All you need is a glass candle holder. I got mine from the dollar tree.

Then you will get some colored stones. They are at the dollar tree in the artificial flower section by the frames. You can choose a different color but I thought that the aqua blue stones looked really nautical. Use your glue gun to glue the stones to the glass.

As you are doing it, your candle holder should look similar to this:

All of the stones are different sizes. Some larger than others. I kept gluing them in straight lines and as close as I could get them to each other. If you have a gap though just fill it in with stones. Even if you have to glue on to of stones to fill a gap that is ok! This is what mine turned out to look like…

The stones, candle, and glass candle holder only cost THREE DOLLARS!! The only other think you will need is a glue gun and glue sticks. You can get glue sticks at the Dollar Tree and can purchase a glue gun for around $5 at Michaels. Less if you use their coupon that is always on their website!

Hope you enjoyed this! I also decided to bedazzle my glue gun jar. I was using an old salsa jar I had for my glue sticks. This is what the jar looked like before and after:

Have a good night!

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Kids Jellyfish Ribbon Craft

Hey Yall!

It has been a dreary rainy day here in Charleston, SC. I snapped this shot of one of our roses before I headed off to work. I never want to go into work when it rains. 90 percent of the time I end up getting soaked before I get back home. I took a shower very shortly after coming back!

I’ve been wanting to do a kids craft and saw this adorable jellyfish craft on Pinterst. Arty Crafty Kids is the website that I was inspired by. I did not go exactly by their instructions but mine is similar. Below is how mine turned out:

The supplies I used were:

Ribbon (for the tentacles)

1 Paper Plate


Paint brushes or foam brushes

Foam Sheets (for the eyes)



Twine (to hang your art up)

(I did not use glitter but it can definitely be added to paint to add shimmer!)

What I did:

I took a paper plate and cut it in half.

I painted two different colors over the paper plate. You can add as many or few colors as you want

Let Dry

While drying, cut out two large circles from your roam paper or construction paper.

Cut out pupils for the circles. I decided to use hears.

I also cut out a little foam bow and glued a tiny piece of ribbon around the middle.

When plate is dry, glue your eyes on. I added bow to corner of head.

Once dry, turn plate over and glue on your ribbon. You can use any pattern or width you like. I only had strawberry ribbon so I used both sides. The strawberry side and also the back of the ribbon which was white. Always look on the back of your material. I had heart foam paper but I used the back which was completely pink for the eyes. 🙂

I let dry over night and was very happy with the results!! I never thought I would make a feminine jelly fish hahaha but I am in love with her! This was an easy, kid friendly craft. I would monitor kids with scissors but a large majority of this craft is using paint and glue.

I hope you enjoyed this summer craft! Most (if not all) of the supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. I like to keep my crafts easy and affordable. Have a good night.

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Love you guys!

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How to Organize & Budget with $1 Notebook

Hey Yall

I’ve been having some major financial trouble. I’m struggling to keep track of what I am spending and am finding that my basic needs are not all getting met. Normally, I am negative in my account before my next check. And you know what? That is just not OK. I am tired of living like this. I tend to ignore things in hopes that they will go away. YEAH RIGHT. I swear Wells Fargo realizes I am spending a lot on medical expenses on my credit card. They just upped my credit card limit from $1000 to $1600! It used to be $300!  I’ve had to use my credit card to buy some of my medications. I just did not have a choice. However, I want to change that.

I got the little book above from the Dollar Tree. You can find little notebooks almost anywhere. Just make sure it is small enough to carry in your bag and  always keep a pen with it. Today I just took the time to LOOK UP my bills. I know a roundabout of what I pay however I did not have the exact due dates down. I don’t even pay attention to those automatic withdrawals . That is a huge mistake. But one that is even bigger is how much I spend on fast food…..

The left side of that paper is just FAST FOOD for MAY. Zaxby’s and Subway purchases as far as the eye can see. Eating at fast food is paying for convenience. It has to end. I have to start going to the store more, making simple recipes, and taking them to work with me. At this rate, I am literally eating my money!!

On the left side of the page is my Dollar Tree and Thrift store purchases which are also too high. $20 here and $20 there really adds up.  Then I recorded the loans I have….

Did I mention that I have not been in school for quite a while with that loan money!? Discussing loans needs to be its own separate blog post. I owe thousands of dollars though. Thankfully I owe under $10,000 but I know many are not so lucky. I usually pay my loan payment when I get a notice that my payment is overdue. Right now, My payment is around $95 per month. HIGH. I need to take care of those loans one at a time. I broke them up so that I could see all free. I have two subsidized loans and one un subsidized loan. The interest ranges from 3-6% depending in the loan. It feels defeating and makes me want to cry looking at those numbers. But at least now I know the ugly truth of the situation.

I spend too fucking much.

I don’t go out and buy nice shoes, expensive makeup, or designer handbags. I buy a little here and a little there from thrift and craft type stores. When I am having a hard time I have been known to hit up the Target dollar spot or the Dollar Tree. I have honestly got a lot better about Starbucks though. You are literally drinking away your check if you go there often. I know because I used too. And again, I eat out way too much. My goal is to get my boyfriend and I to sit down and look over Pinterest for what we want 2 meals during the week to be. If I have an ingredient list I can buy the items and he can cook the meal. I still want to learn to cook but it feels challenging as I have no patience.

My next goal is to figure out whether or not a budget is even possible off of my salary. I am unsure since I feel that I make so low. But then again, I would have more if I did not spend like I am now. I am going to be taking that little book around with me and figuring out what I spend on gas, groceries, clothing, and purchases in general. This will help me see where I need to cut back.

If you are having trouble financially I do think Dave Ramsey has some really great tips. He has Financial Peace CDs, books, etc. You can find it all on Amazon! Click on the book below for more information.

Have a good night and know that you are not alone if you are really going through it right now!

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Coloring Book Glass Plate Decor DIY – Original Idea

Hey Yall!

Hope you are feeling better than me today. I am so sick ugh. You know that feeling when you wake up and feel like you have gotten hit by a truck? Yep. I look like shit this AM and feel worse ha ! I did get to make a craft yesterday though. I recently learned how to make decorative plates using scrap book paper/prints. I came up with the idea to make a Coloring Book Glass Plate. I thought it would be a cute way for parents to showcase their kids art. Below is what you need! MOST of the items you need can be found at the Dollar Tree or Thrift Store.

What you need: 

Coloring page

Colored pencils/crayons


Clear glass plate

Mod Podge

Sheet of Scrap book paper

Paint brush / sponge brush

How to make: 

Take your coloring book page and use your scissors to cut out the image you want to put in the center of your plate.

Use your paint brush/sponge brush to put Mod Podge on front of your colored image.

Lay against bottom of plate and smooth out coloring page with hand.

Paint a layer of mod podge over the back of your coloring page image.

Using scissors, cut out some smaller squares out of your scrapbook paper.

Using your Mod Podge and paint brush, paint on Mod Podge to the front of scrap book paper square you are about to use and lay it on back of plate for the background. Continue to do this until your background is filled in.

Paint a final layer of Mod Podge on the back of the scrapbook paper once everything is glued down.

Let Dry

Place plate on a stand and display!

I hope everyone enjoyed this craft. Have a great day!

Ps. You are welcome to share this craft! Please link your post back to this page, as this is one of my original ideas. Thank you!

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Shabby Chic Spring Jewelry Organizer


While trying to gather the strength to get ready for work I decided to make a quick craft. Ever get a lot of items for different projects and then get overwhelmed by the amount of things you have? I feel like that is whats been happening lately. I’m happy that I decided to make this Shabby Chic Candle Stick Jewelry Organizer though because it was so easy. I have made a similar one before with large clear plates. I decided I wanted something a little smaller for my vanity. I discovered the plates at the thrift store but you can use any plates, glass or plastic, for this craft. I recommend a smaller plate at the top and a bigger plate at the bottom just for visual reasons.

Here is how to make it…

What you need:

2 plates

1 candle stick

E6000 glue

That is it! Glue your candlestick to the center of the bottom plate. Then put glue around the top of candlestick and glue the top plate on. I put a book on top of mine and let it dry for 24 hours before using, just to make sure the glue cures.

Have a good day!! TGIF!!!!!

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How to make a Light Up Flower Garland – Dollar Tree

Hey Yall

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday.  This day just dragged on …..

I decided to do one of my Dollar Tree projects tonight. I had seen a YouTube video or Pinterest idea (I honestly can’t remember) about making a Light Up Flower Garland. It looked really easy so I decided to try it out.  I recently bought a red Solo cup garland from there along with some flowers. Today, I picked up a 4 pack of Panasonic batteries. In all. this craft cost $3.

What you need 

1 Pack of Red Solo Cups (you see two here but I only needed one. For a longer strand, buy 2)

1 bushel of Roses. There should be 5 Roses.  (or other flower similar to a rose)

2 AA batteries. If you are using two packs of red Solo cup lights you will need 4 AA batteries.

Small screw driver

How to make 

First pop off all red solo cups (or other decor) from around the light. You can also cut off the decor if it is easier.

Pop off flower from stem. They should come easily off. Then pop out middle of flower.

You will now how petals with hols in the center.

Put these onto the light so that the light is in the center of the flower.

It is ok if all the petals do not fit on at once. I just went one at a time, starting with the bottom flower petal layer and continuing to add more. When you are done each flower should look similar to this :

You can always unscrew the tiny screw and put your batteries in before you do all the flowers to test them! I kept lighting my flowers up. They look so cool! I hung the garland on my desk.

And I turned off the lights …

It looks so good! I am very pleased with this craft. It was fast, easy, and cheap to make. I highly recommend trying this and making it your own. Choose your own colored flowers and where you want to hang your garland. These could be great for parties or sleep overs too!

Have a good night. I’m so thankful to finally be in bed.

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DIY Gift Bag Wall Art-Dollar Tree

Hey Yall

Hope that you had a good Monday (if there is such a thing). I have to admit that it is really nice not having to work on Monday this week. I went to a gym this morning with a friend and then to a restaurant where I sat outside with friends and had a chicken fajita. YUM! It was totally worth suffering through the gym haha. For some reason, this morning my body was not feeling the treadmill.

I did a very easy and affordable DIY tonight. The DIY gift bag wall art is below.

What you need:

What you need: 

1 Gift Bag

1 frame

1 pair of scissors

How to make: 

This is really simple! Get a gift bag and cut it down to the size of your frame. Place your gift back picture into frame and put the backing of the frame on. Voila!

This is a really affordable way to get pretty wall art. The Dollar Tree has bags as does Walmart and other places. I got the bag on sale above at Walmart 50 % off because of the Easter sale. It was around 50 cents and fit an 8×10 frame!

Hope you have a good night and enjoyed this craft.

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