DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece – Dollar Tree Craft

Hey Yall!

Tonight is going to be a quick Easter Egg Centerpiece DIY!

What you need: 

Three bags of Easter Eggs  (can be sparkly, pastel, etc)

1 Vase (can purchase for cheap at a thrift store)

What to do: 

I just opened packages of  eggs and placed them in the vase. It is THAT easy. Make sure your vase is rinsed and dried well if really dusty. I also wiped some window cleaning spray on the vase before putting the eggs in.

That is all for tonight! I hope you enjoyed this budget friendly craft. Have a good night!

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How to make an Easter Pillow out of a Dish Towel – Dollar Tree Craft

Hey Yall!

I hope you are having a good day. I wish I could say I have been super productive this morning. I have some clothes going in the dryer and have eaten a bowl of cereal. That is about as far as I’ve gotten. I’m going to get ready for work soon. I’m addicted to watching these Dollar Tree Hauls and YouTube DIY’s! I watched Alicia Nicole’s video $3 Spring Pillows   the other day. I love her channel because she does amazingly easy DIY’s from the Dollar Tree! Last night I tried her DIY and it worked really well. Below are the pictures.

What you need:

2 dish towels with pretty patterns (I used 2 microfiber hand towels from Dollar Tree)

Glue Gun with glue sticks

Stuffing for pillow

Cotton Stuffing (I got my bag at thrift store for $1.99. Check Walmart or Michaels. You can also use stuffing from a pillow at a thrift store. Just cut it and take stuffing out)

How to make: 

Take your set of dish towels and lay them on top of each other. Make sure the pattern is on the OUTSIDE. One towel will face down and the other will face up.

Take your hot glue gun and glue along the edges of the towel. Leave one of the ends open so that you can put the stuffing in. Go slowly and press edges of your towel together. (My boyfriend helped me with this craft which I think he enjoyed).

Now is the fun part! Get your stuffing and pull it apart into smaller pieces so that the pillow will be softer and less lumpy.

Move your stuffing around so that it is even and throughout the pillow. The last step is just to hot glue the opening up once all your stuffing is in.

Voila! You have a really cute pillow! I decided to make mine an Easter one but you can use ANY pattern. I have also seen place mat pillows which I will try at some point for a DIY.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a good Monday.

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DIY Target Easter Bunny Craft

Hey Guys!

I wanted to post another Easter DIY for you that was really simple. At Target recently they had these wooden Easter bunnies with gold trim around the edges. I got an idea to try recovering the bunny with scrap book paper for a cute Easter decor piece.

Here is what you will need:

Wooden Bunny


Mod Podge (a little botte works fine)

Sponge Brush

1 Sheet of scrapbook paper (can find for under $1 at Michaels)


Credit Card or some type of Card

How to make:

 First, lay bunny over scrapbook paper and trace around him with pencil

Once you have cut the outline out, use the sponge brush to lightly dip in Mod Podge. Gently cover one side of the wood bunny in the glue. If you use too much, your bunny may have a lot of bubbles/wrinkles in him. I recommend using a credit card or other card from your wallet to run over paper to help smooth out any bubbles that may occur. Think of it like putting a bumper sticker on a car! 🙂

Voila! If you like the little gold “home” sign I too got it from Target for $3. Both items were located in the front of the store in Targets Dollar Section.

If you share this page please link it back to my blog, as this was an original idea! Thank you! Have a great day !

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DIY Bunny Faerie Garden

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone had a good Sunday! We did make it to church which I was thankful for. I also completed my Sunday craft which was the DIY Bunny Faerie Garden. Below is how it turned out.

I really do think that it is cute and it was such an easy DIY. How I got the idea for a Bunny Garden is when I went searching for items for a Faerie Garden. Unfortunately, all of the faerie pieces and little animals were sold out at my Dollar Tree. I was able to grab a small house, cute little bench, purple flowers, 2 bags potting soil, purple succulent, an a pack of two hummingbirds. I also got the long plastic green planter there used in this picture. I went to Target to look around and found a pack of little bunny erasers for $1 in the Target dollar spot. I realized they would be the perfect size for this craft. I discovered too a pack of carrot erasers and a pack of lady bug erasers on leaves for $1 in the same section. These combined with my dollar tree items made up this project.

My items below that I purchased to make this craft:

You can be completely creative on what you use! I had bought a small purple swimming pool thing to add but there was no room ha! I did use some Gorilla Glue gen to glue one of the humming birds on the side of the planter.

I have also seen these mini gardens with different levels. I only chose to do one level but you can use a glue gun to stack these planters up to make more levels for our little bunny (or faerie) town.

The video that I watched that inspired me was on  PrettyNflawed’s channel. The video can be located here. She made a three level faerie garden that turned out pretty!

Ok how you have a good night and enjoy this project! Please feel free to leave any comments below.

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DIY Chocolate Easter Bunny Decor

Hey Yall

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday. The weather was beautiful here in Charleston, SC. My boyfriend and I went to church and later to Target to pick up a few things.  I love Target but I will say this, they feel very expensive compared to many other places. Really think about your purchased and if you could find it more affordable somewhere else. We ended up getting a round white tablecloth, 2 blue soft mats for our laundry room, the book Brain of Fire, two small paper Rhinocerose (future craft), some ingredients to make spaghetti, etc. I did try on a few things but was not happy with the fit or the price so I did not get.

I did a new Easter DIY for yall! I saw this one somewhere and LOVED that I could paint a ceramic bunny to make it look like a Chocolate Easter Bunny!! They have bigger “chocolate” Easter bunnies at Michaels selling for a pretty good amount. Why not make them!

To make the Chocolate Easter Bunny craft above, here is what you will need:

1 glass candle stick (can purchase at Dollar Tree or Thrift Store)

Two bags of tiny small colored Easter eggs. (Mine came from Dollar Store)

Small Ceramic or Plastic Bunny (Mine came from Dollar Store)

Brown Paint

Blue Paint (pictured above is yellow paint but I ended up using blue for eye color)

2 Small paint cups or something to hold your paint

Spunge Brush

Two small paint brushes

Tall Thin Glass Vase (Mine came from Dollar Store. Make sure your rabbit can fit in it 🙂 )

Gorilla Glue Gel or Glue Gun

Here is how to make it:

Apply Gorilla Glue or Glue Gun around rim of Candle

Place the candle stick upside down on the vase so that the top of candle stick, sticks to bottom of vase

Leave Vase upside down to dry. You can start painting your rabbit now.

Before painting your little rabbit, there are a few things you need to do. Cut off his ribbon:

Then using the pointed side of our scissors, slip them in hook and gently pull up. This took a minute but hook on rabbits head DID come off. You only need to worry about this if you got the ceramic rabbit from the dollar store.

Use sponge brush to start painting rabbit brown (or if spray painting, take outside and spray paint).

Above is the brown I used. The color was actually called “Dark Chocolate” by Americana Gloss Enamel. I did two coats on my small bunny and touched him up with one of my small paint brushes.

I do not recommend painting over eyes. I tried to leave those the ceramic white so that the blue paint would really stand out. Yellow is also a good option! The blue I used is Craft Smart in Turquoise. I purchased both at Michaels.

While your bunny is drying your vase should also now be dry. Flip it over so that it is standing up. You can add some of your small Easter Eggs now! I used 1 and 1/2 bags to fill my vase. Use your hand to move eggs around until the colors are well combined.

When your rabbit is dry, sit him in the vase 🙂 Voila!! Super cute, affordable, and easy !

Below are a few of the supplies that may help you with this project! Click on them for more information. My goal is to never give you non affordable options. Glass vases go for quite a lot on Amazon as do glass candlesticks. I HIGHLY recommend you go to Dollar Tree or find a local thrift store. Normally, you can find these for around $1 a piece.

Hope you  have a good night and enjoyed this post! I love comments and feedback so feel free to post thoughts or opinions! Thank you for visiting my page and following me!

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