Pumpkin Pup Pops

Hey Yall! I have a healthy and delicious pumpkin pup pops recipe ! I Your dogs are going to absolutely love it and the good news is that it is easy to make. My dogs licked their lips as I mixed together the ingredients to this recipe for them. This recipe is from the BitzNGiggles blog which I encourage you to visit! The pictures below show you how the recipe turned out and how to make it. Enjoy and be sure to check out my YouTube video below if you would like to see my pups, Charlie and Daisy, up close as I make the recipe.

What you need to make pumpkin pup pops:

1 can 100% Pure Pumpkin

1/2 cup natural peanut butter (I used creamy)

1 cup Plain Yogurt

12 paper cups

12 rawhide sticks

I personally doubled everything as I ended up getting too much yogurt and pumpkin! I am sure my dogs are not going to complain haha.

How to make the pumpkin pup pops: 

I used very basic supplies to mix these ingredients together. It’s my goal  to make things extremely simple, as I am pro things being EASY.  All you need to do is get a bowl and a spoon or spatula. Mix together your yogurt, pumpkin, and peanut butter. You can use hand beaters I assume but it was so easy without them that I did not do that. The texture of your mixture should be pretty thick and smooth. This is good because it will help your raw hide sticks stand up in your paper cups.

Once you have mixed all your ingredients together take a smaller spoon and put about three spoonfuls into each paper cup. I filled up my paper cups to the top because I had so much pumpkin mixture (I did double the recipe though). This is the point where your dogs are literally going to be begging you to give them a taste!

As you fill up your paper cups with mixtures, place a raw hide stick in each one. It helps to have  a baking sheet to directly put the cups into.  This will assist you when you carry your popsicles to the freezer, as they will not fall over in the tray. Based off observation, I do think it takes a while for these popsicles to freeze and be ready for your pups.  My pops have been  in the freezer for a while now and they are still a bit soft. My recommendation is to freeze your pumpkin pup popsicles over night.

I can’t wait to see how my dogs enjoy them tomorrow!They got a  taste of the batter as I was preparing their pops and they LOVED it! If this is a success I will try baking them some cookies next. It is nice to make your dogs and cats treats because it lets you know exactly what is their food. Please click my YouTube video below to watch me actually make these pumpkin pup pops! I hope you and your pups enjoy! I did try the batter myself and found it to be pretty good!! Have a wonderful night and thank you for stopping by.

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How to make a cork pumpkin – Pinterest DIY

Hey Yall!

I have a wonderful Pinterest inspired fall craft for yall today that I think you will enjoy making.  If you enjoy a glass of wine, you may already have a lot of corks sitting around your house to use for this project. Before you get started, you can use the Pinterest picture at  The Gourmet Connection  as a guide.  The best types of corks to use for this DIY are the non plastic corks. The cork with the little holes in it is the one you want 🙂 . This cork sticks much better to hot glue. I learned this after a lot of lost patience!

What You Need: 

Corks (How many depends on the size of the pumpkin you want to make)

Hot Glue sticks & Glue Gun

Paint (I chose orange but you can use any colors!)

Leaves (mine were purchased at the Dollar Tree)

If you do go to Michaels I would highly recommend using one of their coupons that can be found on their website or in the Sunday paper.

How To Do It: 

Glue together your corks first. I went one row at a time. The first row I started with four corks. From there I did 5 corks, 6 corks 5 corks, and finishing the top with a row of 4 corks. You can put one final cork standing vertical at the top of your pumpkin to use as the “stem.” I found my corks at a thrift store and one just happened to come in a point which worked very well as the stem.

I will warn you that while you do this craft your pets may become very interested as to what is going on 🙂

 Once all of your corks are glued together your pumpkin should look like this:

I then took my paint brush and painted the front of the corks orange. I did two coats of orange on just the tops of the corks. You may choose to paint your entire pumpkin but I liked the look of the corks on the side and on the back.  Once paint had dried I hot glued two leaves next to the stem with same little berries that came with the leaves.

You should now have an adorable little pumpkin that you can use as fall decor that looks very similar.

If you would be interested in seeing my YouTube video discussing this craft, please click below! I would love to see you there. I appreciate all of your amazing support and for continuing to follow me.  If you are new here, welcome! I am so happy to have you and hope that you see that this blog is truly the bright side of who I am. I struggle with depression and due to this, spend a lot of time feeling dark. I’m thankful to art for the escape and the outlet that gives me incredible relief.

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How to Make a Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

Hey Yall

Hope you are having a relaxing night. Tonight, I did what I said I would never do again. I made another wreath! I find wreaths to be very pretty but also time consuming to make. I am not someone who was born with a tremendous amount of patience. With all that being said though, I DO like how this wreath turned out. I got this idea from Brylan and Lisa’s channel on YouTube. If you would like to see their DIY Fall Dollar Tree Decor video click here.

Below are pictures of what I purchased and how I made this craft. I would recommend getting these supplies below to make your Fall Dollar Tree Wreath. ♥ Minus the glue gun, ALL other supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Tree!

Here is what you need:

2 sets of each flower you choose. I had 6 bushels of flowers (two yellow, two red, and two blue)

1 Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


Wire Wreath  Frame

How I did it…..

The very first thing I did was that I organized my floral onto the the floor so that I could see everything I had to use on my wreath. I would definitely do your wreath on a large flat surface. I am sure a table would have been ideal but I tend to do everything on the floor ha !

Then the next thing I did was…..

I  took the leaves off the floral and also took the plastic backing off of the leaves. It very easily popped off.  I then hot glued the leaves onto the wire wreath. Be VERY careful when you do this so you do not burn yourself with the hot glue gun (like I did several times). I did two rows of leaves. The first layer was glued between the first two wires and last row was glued onto the last two wires on the wreath.

Once you have your two rose of leaves glued onto your wreath you will then start cutting down and putting flowers in your wreath. You can put flowers into the tiny whole in the leaves or put flowers around leaves. Wherever they fit and look good will work! To make them stick I put hot glue around the base of the flower a few times. Then pressed the flower in the spot that it fit the best.

I started with my red flowers but you can start with whatever color or spot you choose to on your wreath. Take your time, be patient, and just keep adding more until you feel like the area you are trying to cover, has been. Before hot gluing the base of the flower, place the flower in the wreath where you feel it will fit the best. Then add the hot glue.

I moved onto my yellow flowers next. My pattern was red, yellow, blue, red, yellow blue….

♥♥♥Ending with this result which I was pleased with ♥♥♥

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