How to Make a Fourth of July Wreath

Hey Yall

Hope you are doing good! Today I am going to show you how I made a Fourth of July wreath. I will say that this DIY will test your patience. You have to take your time, breathe, and know that this may take a few days to finish. My wreath turned out MUCH better than I expected it too! I’m happy with the results and am going to share with you here how I made it.

The tutorial I went by is below. This was posted in the Dollar Tree DIY group on facebook. It was not part of someones blog. It explains in the simplest way possible how to do this:

I followed this to a T. The one thing I did change though was that I used RED pipe cleaners, not green like the picture shows Red blends in much better with the Fourth of July wreath.  Below is what you will need. Most if not all items can be purchased from the Dollar Tree.

What you need:

2 rolls BLUE Mesh Deco

2 rolls RED Mesh Deco

2 rolls WHITE Mesh Deco

RED Pipe cleaners- (You can get a pack of 100 of red pipe cleaners from Michaels for under $4. I was also told flower wire and twist ties can be used)

3 Clothespins

Wire Wreath frame (I got mine at Michael’s for under $2 with coupon)


Centerpiece for the wreath (I chose a star from Dollar Tree)


I will warn you that cats may be very attracted to this long shiny Mesh Deco. Our cat, Bella, was so interested in my cutting the mesh squares. She also once walked through the entire wreath. She would have sat in it if I had let her ha!!

I would also recommend doing this craft on your floor. It will get messy when you are cutting the mesh. I at first tried it in the bed so I can tell you from experience, unless you want sharp sprinkles all over your bed, choose a flat surface that is easy to clean.   Wishing you the best of luck and hoping that this project goes well for you ~ ! 🙂

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