DIY Valentines Day Frame

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So I know it is a little early for Valentines day but I enjoy having decorations up before the holiday.  I saw Cheap Crafty Girl put this DIY up on her youtube channel the other day.  It looked so easy and fun that I wanted to try it. Below is what I did! I will also link the video to this craft on her channel.

What you need:

1 Sheet of scrapbook paper. (get creative ! You can do ANY pattern or background)

4×6 Frame (you can find these at the Dollar Tree or Thrift Stores for CHEAP)

Heart Picks (I found mine at Dollar Tree. Look for pack that says NINE Pieces in top right corner. These are the smaller hearts and fit better on a 4×6 frame. You could always use a bigger frame though!!! They have heart picks in pink & red. Some were sparkly.)

Glue Gun (I did use Gorilla Glue because it is what I had. BUT the glue takes a while to dry and dries pretty thick. The next time I would use a glue gun.)

That is IT!

This is really simple.


Take the 4×6 image paper that comes in the frame out.

Lay it on your scrapbook paper to help you measure and cut around the 4×6 page.

Next, put your 4×6 scrapbook page back in the frame. Put the glass BEHIND it. Then put the frame backing on. Make sure the frame is shut well with the latches. Your frame should look similar to this:

Get your glue gun ready. Take your hearts off the picks. They come off easily. My best advice is just to pull straight up. They are Styrofoam hearts so I would not recommend yanking them back and forth to get off because they will come apart.

When you have hearts off  their picks line them up on the scrapbook paper. Take your glue gun and put a dot on the pack of each heart. Press hearts down gently on the paper.  If using a glue gun, the glue should dry quickly.

Voila! Your frame should look like the one below !

This was a FAST, EASY, and INEXPENSIVE craft. Definitely would recommend!

For the video for this craft on the Cheap Crafty Girl youtube page, please click here .  She does a lot of Dollar Tree DIY’s, shopping hauls, crafts, recipes, organization, and cleaning videos. I really enj0y following her!

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