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Hey Yall

Today I went to church and got a new devotional. I need to include a picture but the devotional is a pastel blue color with a tree on it. It’s very pretty and includes a devotional for each day of the year. I think it i important to not just focus on religion on Sunday. For those wondering, I am a non denominational Christian. I was raised a Christian but a Baptist one. I honestly did not use to enjoy church until I found Seacoast Church. It’s a non denominational church that is not judgmental. I’ve always felt welcome there and have been able to relate to many of the sermons. My church has been a very big deal in my life for which I am so thankful for. When I go, I get reminded why I need to hang on and lean on God when I am weak.

I did do another craft that I wanted to share with yall! I have seen this one on Youtube so it is not an original craft that I came up with. However, I enjoyed doing it! You CAN spray paint your plates or candlesticks. I had considered doing that but thought that the paint may chip off when I out things like hair clips on the plate so I decided against it.

What you need: 

-Two Plates (one large and one small)

– One Candle Stick (two are pictured but you just need one)


What to do: 

Place your large plate down first. Put glue around the edge of the base of your candle stick. Center on the plate and press candlestick down. Find a book to balance on top of candle stick to make sure it is pressed down on plate. E6000 takes 24 hours to cure. I let the plate dry overnight. When dry, put glue around the top rim of the candlestick. Press small plate down on top of candle stick. Once again, get a book to balance on top of small plate. Voila!

Enjoy! I chose to put hair clips and bands on mine!

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