Going Vegetarian Possibly & What Relaxes You?

Hey Yall!

I wanted to post about some things that relax me and ask you what relaxes you? I know everyone is different! Currently, I am listening to an ASMR YouTube video by FrivolousFox ASMR. She is one of my favorite ASMR artists along with ASMR Darling. I find ASMR to be extremely relaxing. If you are unsure what it is, there is a lot of info on YouTube and Google about it 🙂 I also really like the sound of the rain, lighting candles, reading, and writing.  When our house is really clean it brings my anxiety down which I am sure relaxes me. When I came home today I felt like it was a mess and I let my boyfriend know I felt that way. I cannot live in an environment that is out of order or where surfaces are covered with things. He spent a lot of time cleaning this afternoon which I appreciated. I wish I did not have such bad anxiety and depression because I know it effects him too. It is hard when what makes one person relaxed does not make the other person relaxed.

Today was my first day without meat. I watched this Netflix documentary called “What the Health.” I highly recommend it to people that are able to keep an open mind and listen to the possible link between meat and cancer. This documentary was interesting because it was based not only off of studies but also of people’s testimonials of how switching to a plant based diet changed their life. I also learned that hospitals care more about the profit their surgery makes than discussing the preventative measures of the diseases they treat. That really blew my mind because I thought they were in support of helping people get better. Also, I discovered through this documentary that lots of unhealthy companies sponsor these hospitals and organizations. This could be one of the reasons they refuse interviews and will not discuss diet what so ever with this documentary. After watching this, for the first time in my life, I truly considered no longer eating meat. I have always had meat in my diet. Like ALWAYS. I cannot really imagine what I would eat without it which is scary. I eat a lot of turkey sandwiches, fried chicken Cobb salad, pizza with meat on it, spaghetti with meat, tacos with beef, etc. It would literally be a huge lifestyle change to give up meat. With that being said, I have medical problems and am struggling with my weight. I’m willing to consider giving up just about anything if it will make things easier…..

So how would I become vegetarian exactly? I don’t really have any idea other than to tell you that I need to do more research, find some books on becoming a vegetarian, and look into some EASY vegetarian recipes. You can almost make any dish though WITHOUT the meat. I can still have spaghetti, pizza, salad, without it! Also, I can replace the hamburger with a veggie burger which is going to be hard but it is what it is I guess.  I did an experiment today and got a Veggie sub. I don’t think I have EVER ordered a sub with just vegetables. It was not bad though. It was not a turkey sub but it was edible and I did not feel starved after I ate it. I could not help but wonder though how Vegetarians eat if they are traveling? I cannot imagine that fast food has many IF any options? Please let me know what you do if you are in a pinch and needing to stop for food. This is a whole new world to me yall!

Ok well I will end here. I hope everyone is doing great. I will tell you that I have TRIED to go to the Facebook website like 10 times today just from habit. I have NOT logged in! 2 weeks before Facebook permanently deletes my account. I know it was the right decision to get off. I will just be relieved when I get used to not having an account. It is crazy when you can feel liberated from just leaving a website… Anyone else feel that way when they left?

Talk to you soon!

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