How to Decorate for Fourth of July on a Budget

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Below is some pictures of how I have decorated for the Fourth of July. You may be thinking I am decorating a bit early but I like to have decorations up a minute so that I can enjoy them. I hope you enjoy the photos below. Under each I will tell you where I got everything !

I purchased the artificial flowers, glass bottles, glass candy tray, candy, and “home sweet home” sign from the Dollar Tree. The “home” sign is from the Target dollar spot. I believe it was $3. All of these items were $12 total!

Now there are probably a lot of fourth of July banners out now but this one I purchased for $1 at the dollar Tree . I may shift it around some to get the colors more even but for $1 I figured that I could not go wrong with this! I would never have the patience to cut out all these stars and string them together!

I’ve already posted about this wreath but I wanted to include it in this blog as well. This is my Fourth of July mesh deco wreath. It took a lot of patience but turned out nicely. It reminds me of a fire cracker and is currently hanging on our front door. I got most of the material for this from the Dollar Tree. The mesh deco and star came from there. The actual wire wreath that these materials are attached to is from Michaels. I used a coupon and believe I got it for around $3. The red pipe cleaners are from Micahels as well. I got a big pack of red ones for $4ish dollars. You can also choose to use twist ties for this. I just chose red because I thought it blended in well. If you would like to see my DIY on making a Fourth of July wreath please click here.

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