Kids Jellyfish Ribbon Craft

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It has been a dreary rainy day here in Charleston, SC. I snapped this shot of one of our roses before I headed off to work. I never want to go into work when it rains. 90 percent of the time I end up getting soaked before I get back home. I took a shower very shortly after coming back!

I’ve been wanting to do a kids craft and saw this adorable jellyfish craft on Pinterst. Arty Crafty Kids is the website that I was inspired by. I did not go exactly by their instructions but mine is similar. Below is how mine turned out:

The supplies I used were:

Ribbon (for the tentacles)

1 Paper Plate


Paint brushes or foam brushes

Foam Sheets (for the eyes)



Twine (to hang your art up)

(I did not use glitter but it can definitely be added to paint to add shimmer!)

What I did:

I took a paper plate and cut it in half.

I painted two different colors over the paper plate. You can add as many or few colors as you want

Let Dry

While drying, cut out two large circles from your roam paper or construction paper.

Cut out pupils for the circles. I decided to use hears.

I also cut out a little foam bow and glued a tiny piece of ribbon around the middle.

When plate is dry, glue your eyes on. I added bow to corner of head.

Once dry, turn plate over and glue on your ribbon. You can use any pattern or width you like. I only had strawberry ribbon so I used both sides. The strawberry side and also the back of the ribbon which was white. Always look on the back of your material. I had heart foam paper but I used the back which was completely pink for the eyes. 🙂

I let dry over night and was very happy with the results!! I never thought I would make a feminine jelly fish hahaha but I am in love with her! This was an easy, kid friendly craft. I would monitor kids with scissors but a large majority of this craft is using paint and glue.

I hope you enjoyed this summer craft! Most (if not all) of the supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. I like to keep my crafts easy and affordable. Have a good night.

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Love you guys!

Remember to check out my other social media accounts below and please Follow Me!

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