Hot Chocolate Bar

Hey Yall! I watched a fellow YouTuber’s Channel, Cheap Craft Girl ,  the other day and became inspired to make a Hot Chocolate Bar in my kitchen! I hope that you enjoy this simple and yummy DIY! As we near December, the weather is becoming perfect for hot chocolate. I currently am drinking a cup as I write this blog.

What you need to make your hot chocolate bar: 

3 jars (I used 2 mason jars and one larger jar)

mini marshmallows

peppermint sticks (could also use crushed peppermint or peppermint bark)

KCup Hot Chocolate Cups OR Hot Chocolate Mix


Making this little hot chocolate bar is extremely simple. Load your jars with your ingredients (marshmallows, peppermint sticks, KCups/hot Chocolate Mix, etc.) I set my hot chocolate bar up right next to my Keurig but you can put it wherever you think it works on your kitchen counter. I will say that if use KCups, you will probably have several extra ones that will not fit inside your jar.  I decided to use my cute little snow man cookie jar to put my extra KCups in. Not only does this add an adorable factor to your hot chocolate bar but it works very well for storage!

Hoping everyone has a peaceful day and stays warm. Remember to sprinkle kindness around like confetti and share a cup of your hot chocolate with a friend, family, and/or neighbor. My YouTube video on my Chocolate bar is located below. Feel free to check it out. Until next time, cheers!



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How to Make a Halloween Zen Garden

Halloween Zen Garden 


Hey Yall! I hope everyone is doing well! Today we are going to learn how to make a Halloween Zen Garden. I made this craft before surgery and wanted to bring you a quick DIY on how to make this for your desk or Halloween decor. I got this idea from seeing a few different videos on YouTube. They had videos on making holiday zen gardens and just regular zen gardens. I did not come across a Halloween one though (not saying that there is not one out there). I thought how cool it would be to make a Halloween Zen Garden so I came up with the idea of hwo to make a very affordable and easy Halloween Zen Garden ALL from the Dollar Tree!

Here is what you will need: 

Sand (I got 1 pack of white and 1 pack of black)

Small Box (Mine was a coffin Dollar Tree Box)

Cupcake Toppers

Skull Solar Dancing Skeleton (or other Halloween deco! You can get creative)

Bats (or other small decor to glue on your box or put in your sand

Halloween Colorful Bone Necklaces (3 come in a pack at the Dollar Tree)

Glue Gun & Glue sticks


It is VERY simple to make this. The first thing I did was cut with scissors the top off of my coffin Halloween box so that I had room to pour the sand. You can leave the top on if you want to but mine just got in the way.

You could also use the paper lid of a photo box, a plastic container, the back of a picture frame if it is deep enough, etc. Make sure backing of picture frame is very secured if you choose to use one.  After cutting the top off of my box I went on to pour in both the white and black sand. I would do 1/2 of each back but just measure it by eye balling. It depends on how deep your box is.


Now comes the fun part! You get to put things down in your sand.  I first placed my skeleton solar toy in the sand towards the top of the box. It fit really well and just really added to this craft. With the bone necklaces, I cut them up and dropped the shiny bones into the sand. You will have plenty left over! I did make a cut on both sides of each bone. Surprisingly, cutting the necklace one time did not cause all the bones to slide off the string like expected.

Finally, I placed the little orange cupcake toppers that I got at the Dollar Tree into the sand. These are cute as decor but also great to use as a little broom to move your sand back and forth. The point of a Zen garden is to lower stress which lets admit, we could all use less of right? Below is a video from my You Tube Channel That will show you a more up close look at the final product. I hope you enjoyed this craft. You are more than welcome to leave comments on my YouTube channel. I would love to see you there. ♥ Have a wonderful day yall and thank you for ALL the support I have gotten from my surgery. I truly do appreciate it.

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How to Make an Easy Pumpkin Craft

Hey Yall! Want to know how to make an easy pumpkin craft.  I have an interesting story for you that is bit unusual and something I have never done before. You may remember a pumpkin I put together for Halloween. My little pumpkin looked like this once I was done putting a face on her:

I did decide to pass her forward because I was starting to get so much clutter. I dropped her off at Goodwill with some other items. I saw that her smile was falling off and I hoped they would put it back on her. Brace yourself for this next picture because just looking at it makes me feel really sad. This is what my little pumpkin looked like on the shelf of the thrift store when I saw her later:

I almost did not recognize her and felt extremely sad at the site of this. I have always gotten attached to things that I have made and cannot stand to see a site like this. Despite the fact that I originally paid $1 for this pumpkin at the Dollar Tree and despite the fact that she now had 10 more holes in her than she had before, I decided to repurchase her for 99 cents. I could not leave something that I created on a shelf to meet its demise like this. This may sound crazy but I felt that this was a major pumpkin rescue. I wanted to make a 2nd easy pumpkin craft for yall.

At home, I pulled out the supplies I had. There was a flower lei from Goodwill, a pack of colorful sequins from Michaels, scissors, and hot glue. I spend quite a while fixing this little pumpkin to the best of my ability. The first thing I did was use the little orange flowers as “band aids” to cover the holes in the pumpkin.  I hot glued the edges of the flowers onto the Styrofoam pumpkin. Here she is full of flowers and looking more stylish:

Taking it a step further I broke out my sequins that I bought the other day from Michaels for $1. I had wondered what I was going to do with them. Isn’t it interesting that there is usually a purpose that we do not know about yet. I would have NEVER guessed that I would have been putting back together a pumpkin. My pumpkin at that.

One tip I will give you about sequins is that they stick to the floor pretty well. I did the best when I just bored a few onto my leg and took them off of there after My glue dot was down on the flower. After I added the sequins and made sure that all of my orange flowers were glued down well. I also added green sequins to the stem which I think gave the pumpkin a lot of character.  This is the final product which I was happy with. I am still sad that she does not have a face but this is truly the best that I could do and I feel it is MUCH better than earlier. What do yall think?

Hope everyone has a great night! I will most likely be away for a few days. I am having oral surgery tomorrow and getting all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. FUN TIMES. Happy that I could bring yall this easy pumpkin craft the night before surgery! Please wish me luck and think about me tomorrow. Surgery is at 9 AM. The good news is that I will NEVER have to do this again. -_- Talk to you soon!

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