My Pets Wish You A Merry Christmas

Hey Yall!

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from myself, my boyfriend, and our pets : Charlie, Daisy, Bella, Domino, Dahlia, and of course Snuggs! Here are a few cute pictures of the pets. If I am able, I will upload pictures of ALL the pets before Christmas 🙂 Above is Charlie and below is Daisy (Chihuahua) and Domino (Kitty). Hoping you, your significant other, your family, and your pets are having a peaceful and memorable Christmas. Take care of yourself!

Daisy is always photogenic as long as I have a piece Take Out bacon treat in my hand. With that being said, Domino is an entirely different story. He does not like a camera pointed at him at any time or place. We both understand each other in this way but it does not help when I am trying to get good Christmas pictures 🙂 This was the best I could do. though a bit bright, I do think it was a cute picture!

The last picture is a random one of my boyfriend trying to eat some of his Christmas ham while he was mobbed by our pets. This is what eating on our couch in is like at night. -_-  If you would like to see a video clip of it, please click on ====> By Boyfriend Trying To Eat Christmas Ham.

Have a wonderful night and take care of yourself!

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