October Dollar Tree Finds

Hey Yall! I’ve discovered some cute October Dollar Tree Finds  that I wanted to share with you! There are a lot of Halloween items at the store along with Christmas things.  It is only October so it is really hard to get motivated for Christmas. With that being said, sometimes you have to buy things ahead in order to get them. I’ve yet to do a Christmas haul but am sure that I will do one in the future. Today, my focus was more on buying some after surgery snacks, washi tape, and a few pencil sharpeners for girls that I write too. Hope you enjoy the pictures below. I must say that the little brooms were SO adorable. I highly recommend going out to see what you can find at your Dollar Tree!

Below are some other October Dollar Tree finds that I came across while in the store. I especially liked the Halloween solar lights. I may go back and get a  few of the skull ones to put along our walk way. If anyone has tried the Dollar Tree solar lights please let me know how they are. For some reason the ones I have gotten from places like Lowes always seem to fall apart.

There are a few non Halloween items that I took a picture of as well below.  I did end up getting an owl pencil sharpener and a cupcake one. I also grabbed several rolls of Washi tape. The patterns I chose were the ducks, cupcakes, and blue/white print. The little tractors were very cute too but I just did not see myself using that one. For those that send friend mail, Washi tape is a very popular item to send! I always try to grab a few extra rolls of the same pattern so that I can have one and I can send one too.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this October Dollar Tree Finds! If you would like to watch the YouTube video on my haul it is posted below. Hope that everyone has a good night. If you find anything you would like to share with me, you are more than welcome to email me at craftsandcamera@gmail.com . Also, I always love comments so feel free to leave me one and I will be sure to get back to you  ! Take Care.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Dollar Tree DIY

Hey Yall!

I know we are not in October yet but it is never too early to start spreading awareness about breast cancer!  It is very important to have a mammogram done and also breast checks when you go to the Gynecologist. I know that no one looks forward to doing either of these things but believe it or not, it could save your life! Below is a DIY I did that is in honor of all those who have suffered and survived for cancer. It is also for those that have given it the hard fight and passed away, as my sister did from breast cancer. If you or someone you know is fighting breast cancer know that my ♥ is with you.

EVERYTHING you need for this DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Floral Arrangement can be purchased from the Dollar Tree. This craft can be made in under 5 minutes and would make very pretty home decor, center pieces, or a gift for someone that can relate to this holiday.

Here is what you need: 

Scissors (or wire cutters)

1 pack of pink dragon flies or butterflies (located in floral section of my Dollar Tree)

1 white flower arrangement (I used Poinsettias)

1 pink flower arrangement (I used hydrangeas)

1 pink glass votive

How I made it: 

What I did was I cut the stems of the flowers down and arranged them in the jar. Some stems were shorter than other ones just depending on what height I thought looked good. Wire cutters would work much better than scissors to cut these flowers down. Once the flowers were in the jar, I took my little pink dragonflies and used the metal piece that comes out of them to wrap around the votive jar handle. This was very easy and no glue was needed.

That is it!! It really is THAT easy ♥ and affordable!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Feel free to let me know what you are going to be  making or anything else you would like to share. Have a wonderful night!

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Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Spider Bookmarks ♥

Hey Yall!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe from hurricane Irma! Our thoughts are with Florida right now as Irma begins to make landfall at an expected category 4 hurricane ♥ I wanted to bring to yall tonight a very easy and affordable Dollar Tree Hallowen DIY Paperclip Bookmark craft!

What you need:

One pack of plastic spider rings can be purchased from the Dollar Store

A few regular sized or large paper clips can be purchased at the Dollar Tree

A hot glue Gun can be purchased at Michaels with one of their 40-50 % off coupons located on their website/in Sunday paper

Hot glue sticks can be purchased at the Dollar Tree


How to make: 

Use your scissors to cut off the plastic ring in the back of the spider. The ring should be very easy to cut off. After you have done this, lay paperclip down on the back of the spider and apply hot glue to the spider where the paper clip rests. You may have to hold it on there for 30 seconds or so as the hot glue dries.

And voila! You have some really cute Halloween spider bookmarks  !  You are welcome to use this for your blog, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, or other social media but please link this back to me as I did come up with this idea. Thanks so much!! I would love to have you follow me here on my blog! Also, please remember to check out my Instagram at : JennyLaura87

Also, you can follow me on YouTube here to see thrift hauls, Dollar Tree hauls, Target Hauls, Book hauls, and reviews! See you there!

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DIY Dollar Tree Wall Art

Hey Yall!

I want to show you how to make this really cute piece of wall art by using only Dollar Tree products. This is truly a $2 craft~! If you are making a gallery wall I would highly recommend trying this very affordable craft ♥ I got this idea from Emily Carmona’s channel. I encourage you to check out her video here on Dollar Tree DIY Wall Decor.

All you need is a picture frame from the Dollar Tree and Wall Art Sticker. I find mine in the candle section of the Dollar Tree. There are around 10-15 different ones to choose from. There are all different designs you could use. I decided to use the one below.

All you do is take the paper picture that comes in the frame and flip it over so that you can work with the white side. Make sure you know where you want everything to be lined up on the paper. Then, peal the sticker back and place it on the paper where you would like it.

Then flip the white side of the paper back around so that it is facing the glass. Put the backing back on the frame and voila! You have yourself a very nice piece to decorate your wall with. It truly is that easy. I made this in under 5 minutes.

Hope you enjoy this DIY ! Have a wonderful night and I will see you soon. Take Care! And like this picture says, “believe there is good in the world.”

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How to Make a Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

Hey Yall

Hope you are having a relaxing night. Tonight, I did what I said I would never do again. I made another wreath! I find wreaths to be very pretty but also time consuming to make. I am not someone who was born with a tremendous amount of patience. With all that being said though, I DO like how this wreath turned out. I got this idea from Brylan and Lisa’s channel on YouTube. If you would like to see their DIY Fall Dollar Tree Decor video click here.

Below are pictures of what I purchased and how I made this craft. I would recommend getting these supplies below to make your Fall Dollar Tree Wreath. ♥ Minus the glue gun, ALL other supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Tree!

Here is what you need:

2 sets of each flower you choose. I had 6 bushels of flowers (two yellow, two red, and two blue)

1 Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


Wire Wreath  Frame

How I did it…..

The very first thing I did was that I organized my floral onto the the floor so that I could see everything I had to use on my wreath. I would definitely do your wreath on a large flat surface. I am sure a table would have been ideal but I tend to do everything on the floor ha !

Then the next thing I did was…..

I  took the leaves off the floral and also took the plastic backing off of the leaves. It very easily popped off.  I then hot glued the leaves onto the wire wreath. Be VERY careful when you do this so you do not burn yourself with the hot glue gun (like I did several times). I did two rows of leaves. The first layer was glued between the first two wires and last row was glued onto the last two wires on the wreath.

Once you have your two rose of leaves glued onto your wreath you will then start cutting down and putting flowers in your wreath. You can put flowers into the tiny whole in the leaves or put flowers around leaves. Wherever they fit and look good will work! To make them stick I put hot glue around the base of the flower a few times. Then pressed the flower in the spot that it fit the best.

I started with my red flowers but you can start with whatever color or spot you choose to on your wreath. Take your time, be patient, and just keep adding more until you feel like the area you are trying to cover, has been. Before hot gluing the base of the flower, place the flower in the wreath where you feel it will fit the best. Then add the hot glue.

I moved onto my yellow flowers next. My pattern was red, yellow, blue, red, yellow blue….

♥♥♥Ending with this result which I was pleased with ♥♥♥

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Easy Dollar Tree Candle DIY

Hey Yall

I wanted to show you how EASY it is to make this $4 TOTAL candle craft! Everything is from the Dollar Tree that you need. Below are the fame shimmer metallic tattoos that can be found at the Dollar Tree.

You will also need a glass candle holder, scissors, and a little electric (or real) candle. The candle I am using is a small electric one from the Dollar Tree  (two come in a pack).

Cut your images out that you want to put on the glass from the tattoos. BEFORE removing the plastic from the top of the tattoo sheet, make sure you know where you want to place the tattoo onto the glass, as it is very sticky once placed onto glass. Use a small damp sponge (one comes in the pack above) or washcloth to apply the tattoo onto the glass. Voila ! You are done! Be patient, take your time, and enjoy!

This idea came from Bargain Bethany’s channel. Please click here to see here to see her channel.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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August Target and Dollar Tree Finds

Hey Yall

I hope that you are having a good night. I am going to go crash soon and read my book. I am currently reading The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne . I have not gotten deep into the book but so far, the plot is very intriguing! I have a feeling this is one of the first books I have read that is going to psychologically bother me. If you have not read the plot I would encourage you to click on the title above. It will take you to the book on Amazon and give you a synopsis of the novel.

I made a trip to Target today and ended up picking up a few groceries. They had some REALLY cute stationary that I almost bought too much of. Originally, I had like 4 packs of cards, 2 stationary sets, etc. I did end up putting some back. I want to get better at using what I already have before I get more. It’s so easy to get addicted to retail therapy and completely forget everything you already have at home that is similar. I did take a picture of the stationary I saw but unfortunately, I think I accidentally deleted it. Sorry ! Instead, here is a picture of my buggy.

I ended up taking a few things out of that too but over all I got most of what is in there! The Vans waffles are really good I think. The ones I got are packed with protein. I also have some Amy’s burritos in there for lunch, some apples, Horizon milk, brown rice, light ranch dressing, cheese & spinach pizza, etc. I did make the pizza tonight and was honestly not all that impressed. I do love most of the items I got though! I will tell you that I picked up a pack of vegetable rice and almost bought it. I turned it around to look at the sodium and it was over 500 mg! Next to it was a packet of brown rice that had FIVE grams of sodium!!! I went with the BROWN rice !

I saw this coffee cup and thought the quote was so cute. I did not buy it but it was a BIG cup. I swear they are making coffee cups huge these days. (not that I do not understand why ha!) You can find some good coffee cups at thrift stores. My local Goodwill sells them for 49 cents I believe.

I am going to leave you with this poo poo emoji haha! This is truly how I feel the past few weeks have been. Out of all the emojis, this one has to be my favorite. Shit and I can just understand each other at this point in my life.

As always, thank you for following and loving my blog. Hope you have a wonderful night!

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