How to Make Wall Art Using a Calendar

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I hope everyone is doing well today. Here,  in Charleston there is the beginning signs of cooler weather.  It is so shocking to feel anything but deadly heat that it almost stops you in your tracks~ ! No complaints though! I am looking forward to fall, pumpkin spice lattes, and winter clothes. ♥ What is your favorite season?

Today, we are going to be making a calendar wall art DIY. You can use ANY calendar you want to for this craft. I would highly recommend an 8×10 frame though because calendar pictures are generally pretty large. I did use a 5×7 frame but it took me a minute to find a picture that could be cropped down small enough (without destroying the design) using scissors to fit into the frame. The picture I chose is the photograph above. I loved the flowers and the quote, as it sounds incredibly inspirational with a shabby chic look.

What you need: 

1 calendar picture (purchased mine from the Dollar Tree)

8×10 Frame


Stickers (optional)

How to make it : 

This craft is SO simple. Use the paper picture that comes in your frame as a guide for how big you need to cut your calendar picture to be. Cut around the picture and then make sure it fits into your frame. If you would like, add stickers to the picture before putting the backing on the frame. I chose to use more 3D type stickers from the Dollar Tree that gave the print some dimension. Here is my final product:

I hope you enjoyed ! If you would like to watch the Youtube video of me discussing this craft I will post it below for you also. Have a wonderful day and remember to follow me on my other social medias if you have not already. See you soon! ♥

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