Coca Cola DIY Holiday Decor

I hope everyone enjoys my Coco Cola DIY Holiday Decor that I finished last night! Most everyone knows about the cute cuddly looking polar bears in the coke commercials at Christmas. When I came upon a few plastic polar bears at the Dollar Tree, it brought me back to my memory of these cute Coke polar bears! I decided to buy them and hold onto them to see what I could come up with for a DIY. As time went on, I collected pieces for my Coca Cola DIY Holiday Decor idea.

Some of the pieces I found were including but not limited too, Christmas ornaments, a wire sleigh, holiday trees, plastic animals, a large serving tray, etc.  I took my time finding pieces for this craft because I really wanted it to be affordable. I tried to keep the color scheme, for the most part ,red and white to represent Coke!

I really do like how my Coca Cola DIY Holiday Decor turned out! I  am choosing to not do a step by step for this craft because I think it is important you use your imagination on this one.  This is because I collected my pieces from several different thrift stores, I can’t exactly tell you where to find these ornaments. Over all though, what I used was a coke, candy cane, soldier, and Santa ornament. The two plastic polar bears, one penguin, gold bells, the snow man salt shaker and small eraser coke cups were from Dollar Tree. The pack of sodas that the penguin is carrying is from Michaels,  as are the two very small white trees. One of the sparkly white tree ornaments is from Michaels and one is from a thrift store. I used a piece of gold string for the “leashes” on the polar bears that the solider is holding.  I was going to use a mirror to give the ground an “icy” look but I found a large platter for under $4 at a thrift store that I thought would work perfect!

I will tell you that I HIGHLY recommend using a hot glue gun ! This keeps things in place and helps support them as they stand. The sodas that the penguin are holding are heavier than the penguin himself. I glued his feet to the platter and the cokes to his stomach. The polar bears are also glued down, as are the trees, soldier, and candy canes. I would highly recommend that when you are done with your Coca Cola DIY Holiday Decor that you put it on a safe shelf so that it cannot be knocked over or stepped on. It would make a lovely holiday centerpiece for a dinner table!

If you would like to see a little tour of my Coca Cola DIY Holiday Decor please check out my YouTube video below on my channel ” Jenny Laura . ” I would love to have you as a subscriber if you have not yet joined my channel 🙂 I do a lot of affordable DIY’s, thrift, and book reviews. Thank you for joining and supporting both by blog and my YouTube channel!  Enjoy the video 🙂

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October Dollar Tree Finds #2

Hey Yall! Hope everyone is having a great day! I found some great October Dollar Tree Finds today that I wanted to share with you. I absolutely love how the Dollar Tree is using dogs in their Christmas bags and notebooks. Some of the cutest notebooks I have ever seen are located below. I am going to go back tomorrow and pick up several! The thing about finding cute items like this is that they sell out and sometimes do not re stock. You almost have to buy things when you see them. I just wish they put the Christmas decor out a little closer to the actual holiday.

They also had a lot of mini Christmas tree items like ornaments, a tree skirt, star, etc.  Along with decorations, they were selling mini Christmas Trees. I did not get one because I actually have a small green one that I am going to try and use. I may pick up a white Christmas Tree though when I go back to have as back up. I have just noticed everyone hauling these and I just kind of like to do something different. If you need floral, the Dollar Tree has some beautiful Christmas Floral. I almost picked up some today but was trying to not go over board.

You can find some very cute note pads as well to put on your fridge. Below is a picture of the cutest one that I saw. There were four different designs in total though. I like to use these note pads to write down grocery lists. Something about them being right on the fridge allows me to always find them. If something does not have a magnet on the back it for some reason disappears in our house.

Before I went shopping for my October Dollar Tree Finds I recorded two friend mail videos. I had so much friend mail from before I had my wisdom teeth surgery till now that I had to make two thirty minute videos! I have SO many stickers, stationary, Washi tapes, etc that I do not know what to do with everything. People from my YouTube channel have been very kind and supportive.  I never realized how many people I would reach by making haul videos and book reviews.  ♥ If you are interested in watching my friend mail videos I will post the links below for you:

*** Massive Friend Mail Haul Part #1 ***

*** Massive Friend Mail Haul Part #2 ***

Two other October Dollar Tree Finds that I really liked were the scarfs and the coffee cups. They looked like they had just put both out! I will tell you from experience that the scarfs GO so if you want a scarf be sure to grab it when you see it 😉 I almost did not get one but ended up picking up the snow flake and the snow man one for me. They had four designs total. I also picked up two scarfs for a potential later give away ……shhhh. Also, for you coffee lovers they had some adorable cups. My favorite one is the truck below. As cute as it is, I have so many coffee mugs that I did not pick it up. I may change my mind on that though just due to the fact that there is a red truck on the cup!!! I am willing to bet that one will sell out as well.

I also stopped by the thrift store today and found this amazing pillow that I have to share with you!! NOT that I need any more pillows but I have learned that the best pillows to get are the ones with the zip covers so that if you need to store the pillow covers all you have to do is fold them up. This dog pillow was in such great shape that it literally did not look used. That is the kind of thing I prefer to buy from a thrift store. I do not mind things that are old, sometimes broken, or rusted if they are antique collectibles. Pillows on the other hand are another story. 🙂 This dog is called a Weimaraner  . ♥

Hope you enjoyed my October Dollar Tree Finds! If these items are not at your store yet then definitely check back. My store seems to get things absolutely last. It helps to watch haul videos though because it lets me know what to look for in my store. Hope you have a wonderful night and look forward to posting again soon! Take Care ♥


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October Dollar Tree Finds

Hey Yall! I’ve discovered some cute October Dollar Tree Finds  that I wanted to share with you! There are a lot of Halloween items at the store along with Christmas things.  It is only October so it is really hard to get motivated for Christmas. With that being said, sometimes you have to buy things ahead in order to get them. I’ve yet to do a Christmas haul but am sure that I will do one in the future. Today, my focus was more on buying some after surgery snacks, washi tape, and a few pencil sharpeners for girls that I write too. Hope you enjoy the pictures below. I must say that the little brooms were SO adorable. I highly recommend going out to see what you can find at your Dollar Tree!

Below are some other October Dollar Tree finds that I came across while in the store. I especially liked the Halloween solar lights. I may go back and get a  few of the skull ones to put along our walk way. If anyone has tried the Dollar Tree solar lights please let me know how they are. For some reason the ones I have gotten from places like Lowes always seem to fall apart.

There are a few non Halloween items that I took a picture of as well below.  I did end up getting an owl pencil sharpener and a cupcake one. I also grabbed several rolls of Washi tape. The patterns I chose were the ducks, cupcakes, and blue/white print. The little tractors were very cute too but I just did not see myself using that one. For those that send friend mail, Washi tape is a very popular item to send! I always try to grab a few extra rolls of the same pattern so that I can have one and I can send one too.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this October Dollar Tree Finds! If you would like to watch the YouTube video on my haul it is posted below. Hope that everyone has a good night. If you find anything you would like to share with me, you are more than welcome to email me at . Also, I always love comments so feel free to leave me one and I will be sure to get back to you  ! Take Care.

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How to Make Wall Art Using a Calendar

Hey Yall!

I hope everyone is doing well today. Here,  in Charleston there is the beginning signs of cooler weather.  It is so shocking to feel anything but deadly heat that it almost stops you in your tracks~ ! No complaints though! I am looking forward to fall, pumpkin spice lattes, and winter clothes. ♥ What is your favorite season?

Today, we are going to be making a calendar wall art DIY. You can use ANY calendar you want to for this craft. I would highly recommend an 8×10 frame though because calendar pictures are generally pretty large. I did use a 5×7 frame but it took me a minute to find a picture that could be cropped down small enough (without destroying the design) using scissors to fit into the frame. The picture I chose is the photograph above. I loved the flowers and the quote, as it sounds incredibly inspirational with a shabby chic look.

What you need: 

1 calendar picture (purchased mine from the Dollar Tree)

8×10 Frame


Stickers (optional)

How to make it : 

This craft is SO simple. Use the paper picture that comes in your frame as a guide for how big you need to cut your calendar picture to be. Cut around the picture and then make sure it fits into your frame. If you would like, add stickers to the picture before putting the backing on the frame. I chose to use more 3D type stickers from the Dollar Tree that gave the print some dimension. Here is my final product:

I hope you enjoyed ! If you would like to watch the Youtube video of me discussing this craft I will post it below for you also. Have a wonderful day and remember to follow me on my other social medias if you have not already. See you soon! ♥

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