How to Make a Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

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Hope you are having a relaxing night. Tonight, I did what I said I would never do again. I made another wreath! I find wreaths to be very pretty but also time consuming to make. I am not someone who was born with a tremendous amount of patience. With all that being said though, I DO like how this wreath turned out. I got this idea from Brylan and Lisa’s channel on YouTube. If you would like to see their DIY Fall Dollar Tree Decor video click here.

Below are pictures of what I purchased and how I made this craft. I would recommend getting these supplies below to make your Fall Dollar Tree Wreath. ♥ Minus the glue gun, ALL other supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Tree!

Here is what you need:

2 sets of each flower you choose. I had 6 bushels of flowers (two yellow, two red, and two blue)

1 Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


Wire Wreath  Frame

How I did it…..

The very first thing I did was that I organized my floral onto the the floor so that I could see everything I had to use on my wreath. I would definitely do your wreath on a large flat surface. I am sure a table would have been ideal but I tend to do everything on the floor ha !

Then the next thing I did was…..

I  took the leaves off the floral and also took the plastic backing off of the leaves. It very easily popped off.  I then hot glued the leaves onto the wire wreath. Be VERY careful when you do this so you do not burn yourself with the hot glue gun (like I did several times). I did two rows of leaves. The first layer was glued between the first two wires and last row was glued onto the last two wires on the wreath.

Once you have your two rose of leaves glued onto your wreath you will then start cutting down and putting flowers in your wreath. You can put flowers into the tiny whole in the leaves or put flowers around leaves. Wherever they fit and look good will work! To make them stick I put hot glue around the base of the flower a few times. Then pressed the flower in the spot that it fit the best.

I started with my red flowers but you can start with whatever color or spot you choose to on your wreath. Take your time, be patient, and just keep adding more until you feel like the area you are trying to cover, has been. Before hot gluing the base of the flower, place the flower in the wreath where you feel it will fit the best. Then add the hot glue.

I moved onto my yellow flowers next. My pattern was red, yellow, blue, red, yellow blue….

♥♥♥Ending with this result which I was pleased with ♥♥♥

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Easy Dollar Tree Candle DIY

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I wanted to show you how EASY it is to make this $4 TOTAL candle craft! Everything is from the Dollar Tree that you need. Below are the fame shimmer metallic tattoos that can be found at the Dollar Tree.

You will also need a glass candle holder, scissors, and a little electric (or real) candle. The candle I am using is a small electric one from the Dollar Tree  (two come in a pack).

Cut your images out that you want to put on the glass from the tattoos. BEFORE removing the plastic from the top of the tattoo sheet, make sure you know where you want to place the tattoo onto the glass, as it is very sticky once placed onto glass. Use a small damp sponge (one comes in the pack above) or washcloth to apply the tattoo onto the glass. Voila ! You are done! Be patient, take your time, and enjoy!

This idea came from Bargain Bethany’s channel. Please click here to see here to see her channel.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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